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How to Remove Navigation / CUE for Cadillac ATS

The video above provides a detailed tutorial on how to remove the CUE / navigation for a 2013 Cadillac ATS. Over on Amazon they have a replacement CUE screen for around $299 plus shipping and handling. As you can see from some of the other posts on the site… there […]

Cadillac CUE Touchscreen is Unresponsive

There are several issues that have recently happened to my Cadillac CUE touchscreen. Aside from it looking like it’s been in a fire and melting it is also unresponsive. However, I have found one spot on the touchscreen that will actual work for me if I touch it in the […]

Cadillac CUE Internal Peeling Issues, Defects and Scratches

Has anyone else had any screen cracking issues with their Cadillac CUE? However, the screen cracking I’m trying to explain is not the regular screen cracking you may be thinking of… It’s as if the screen is spider web cracking / separating from the inside of the CUE. A bit […]