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Recently on my 2014 Cadillac XTS I had an issue with the center lower three radio channels. I was unable to click them to select or change the channel. This happened for about a week or two then, I tried to change the other buttons (settings, Pandora, etc) earlier today and nothing worked!

I tried to do a Hard Restart / Reset on my CUE system a few times and nothing came about from doing this. I’ve also tried to re-calibrate the screen before the buttons stopped working and nothing worked.

Has this issue happened to anyone else? If so what did you do to fix the issue? Feel free to leave a comment to explain. I’ve also created another post that is related to this topic it’s titled: Cadillac CUE is not functioning

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    1. Hey Ralph! the only solution I’ve found is to replace the CUE system through the dealer. I have yet to do so myself… procrastination. But after researching it online I haven’t found a fix for it. I don’t know what series/model of XTS you have but mine is a Premium which has the LED gauges so I’m able to change channels through the steering wheel controls.

      1. Hi CaddyJack,
        I have a 2013 SRX Lux edition and I am having the similar problems with the screen not being responsive and it changing radio stations on its own. Kinda interesting on its choices. The dealership replaced the unit in Oct. 2015 when I bought it and it has gone haywire again starting in June 2018. I was out of my extended warranty by 2000 miles and the company refused to fix it. I will never by an extended warranty again. I threw away $3500 on it. The dealership is calling GM to see if they will take care of it since this will be the 3rd unit going into the car.

        1. I am experiencing the exact same thing including no extended warranty for my 2013 SRX. I was told it would cost me $1,400 to replace the Cue. This will then be the fourth one! Really?!!!

          1. I had the same thing happen to I have a 2014. they replaces it in 2016 and then it went out again. Dealer said it was out of warranty and it would cost me over a $1,000. I recenty found an attorney is taking info regarding the issues with Cadiliac. The firm name is Casey Gerry Law firm 800-292-5865.

          2. You can purchase a replacement on amazon for as little as $55 and have it installed for about $60.

      2. having the same problem with our 2014 xts. tried the reset and that didn’t work. can use thw radio buttons on the steering wheel, but it only goes to the preset radio stations. I see your post is from over a year ago, did you fix it?

        1. You can purchase a replacement on amazon for as little as $55 and have it installed for about $60 locally.

          1. Google class action suit for this defect and sign up with the attorney.

      3. I just started experiencing this issue in my 2016 SEC at 53,000 miles. Let the dealership since I am out of bumper to bumper warranty GM will pay to replace the touchscreen but have to pay for the labor $238. It is a shame this is a known issue and convenient for them it happens right when you are no longer covered bumper to bumper.

      4. Found this thread, last post was over a year ago. Any update? I have 2014 SRX 72,000 and touch screen did the same thing, dealer said the same thing, etc. Has there been any movement from Cadillac to recall? Thanks

      5. I just had this happen to me. The dealer told me $1200-$1600 to repair
        I found the hard reset I found on line and it worked

    2. I tried the hard set several times and it does not work just like another person said on here it started acting up on the lower level about 2 weeks ago and then it went out totally.
      I think everyone of us that’s had that problem needs to contact Cadillac and ask for a recall on this. Are y’all with me?
      I dealership put my trust with all my heart and soul told me it would be $1,200 to fix it and my insurance does not cover it.

      1. I have the same issue with my 2013 ATS filed a claim with Cadillac it goes to the dealer 8-31-18 to be diagnosed then a senior advisor with Cadillac will let the dealer know what to do. They did instruct me to tell anyone that has this issue to contact them and file a claim because they do not base their replacements on third party forums. So everyone that has this issue contact Cadillac.


      2. Good luck I’ve had the XTS 2 yrs and on the 5th unit now. Radio vol goes wide open at randon and AC cycles Nav does anything . What a peace of junk. Had Hondas before this one and never had a problem with any of them.

    3. My 2013 SRX Luxury is experiencing the same issue. I purchased it 3 months ago, and it is certified so I had the CUE replaced last week with a brand new CUE. Now the NEW CUE is also not functioning. I am taking the car in again for a 3rd CUE (who knows how many were installed by the previous owner), and am seriously irritated. Be aware that if you shell out $1200 for a new CUE, it may not work after a week.

    4. Hi Ralph, I’m having the same problem. Sad to say at 54,000 miles I’m out of warranty.

    5. Mine is having problems, so I went to the dealership. They were able to get GM to cover it 100% since it’s been a problem for so many people! I’m soooooo happy about this. Wanted to share in case anyone else has a problem. When I went to Cadillac, I told them what I had read online and that the system should be recalled due to this being an issue with the units. They told me they couldn’t promise me, but GM may take care of at least part of the cost. I just received a phone call that it’s being taken care of 100%!!

        1. My 2016 Cadillac SRX had the same problem. My mileage was at 66,300 miles with the warranty out of date. The dealership covered it 100%. It is worth a try because this is a huge problem and you should not have to cover the expenses. The CUE system should be recalled. I agree wholeheartedly with Nicole. Good luck!

    6. The problem is the digitizer screen interface quits working and must be replaced. There are many videos on youtube that show how to do this. It takes some effort, but is doable if you take your time and carefully remove all the trim pieces and then take the system apart. It took me about 4 hours to remove the unit, disassemble it, replace the screen and then install it back in my wife’s 2013 XTS. The dealer wants about $1200, I purchased the digitizer screen online for just under $200. It now works like new.

      1. are you able to give me part number for the digitizer or are they specific for car make etc

    7. I have a 2014 Cadillac XTS CUE Touch Screen is not working .I called Cadillac to see if it was on Recall ,they are going to call the Dealer ship for me .This should be on recall I hope. John

      1. I have a 2013 ATS also the same problem started toward the bottom of the touch screen now the whole screen is unresponsive going to the dealer Friday 8-31-18. Have called around to radio shops to see if they would replace it, won’t touch it. I work at GM very disappointed. Jeff

        1. I have TWO 2014 Cadillacs – one CTS & one SRX. BOTH had the same problems at exactly the same time. Both touchscreens stopped working at the bottom middle. Then both became 100% non-responsive several weeks later. I’m going to look into the digitizer post, but I suspect a bad software update as the software seems to be updated remotely. Both cars are out of warranty and the dealership just wants to replace the units and pocket the $1400 each.

    8. My cue is not working and there appears to be no solution can someone help 2014 SRX CADDILAC

    9. I have a 2013 XTS with exactly the same problem. GM seems to have turned a blind eye to this problem.

      Send email, describe your problem
      Provide info about your car
      Year & Model
      Vin #
      Phone number
      They will reply with an email requesting some other info and the process will begin. Worked for me. Reduced price for replacement, plus a service voucher. They really do try to help

      1. Same issue with my 2015 ATS coup purchased in March. Terrible. Owned older competitors vehicles with no issues. Just sent them an email
        Thanks ?

        1. You can purchase a replacement on amazon for about $60 and have it installed for about $60 locally.

          1. Hello,

            thanks for your helpful information. what is the name of the part that needed to fix the issue with the malfunction screen.

    11. I have a 2016 Caddy SRX. Mine went out after a nearby lightning strike about 100 ft away while the car was in my garage. The touch screen would no longer respond to any touch, stuck on the screen that let’s you select the language options. Screen delaminated, program was screwed up. Dealer had to replace the screen, and they are made specific for each VIN number identification. A special order part that took 3 to 4 weeks.
      I was stuck on one radio station, back up camera still worked, lost the XM satellite signal. All is replaced and working fine.

    12. Mine is doing the same thing!! Took in & was told it is done & need to replace. They send it into Cadillac & it takes 2 weeks to fix & then send back! THis should be a RECALL!!!!!

    13. Fellow disgruntled Cadillac owners, my 2015 XTS does the same thing, Replacing a sub par, failed part with a newer, inherently, sub par, failed part will only have the same result. down the road eventually. The question is whether an after market supplier makes a superior replacement. I don’t know. It is normal for high wear & tear parts like tires and brakes to fail. No one really expects GM to replace these at cost, but the touch screen should have gone to the scrap yard still functioning. Granted there are extreme fluctuations in the interior’s temperature, but that is foreseeable by the manufacturer and the screen should have been designed for this. It is not the quality one expects from the top of the line, luxury division of GM. Definitely, deprecates the brand, reduces resale value, and results in lost future sales. Best way to send future buyers to one’s competitors. Way to go from what was once the Standard of the World. What would Mr. Leyland say?

  1. Hi the same problem just now I was able to go into settings and then hit radio and then click Auto and they all came back.

    1. Hey Gary, are you talking about the “settings” on the main CUE screen? If so I am completely unable to click any of those buttons / apps.

      1. I honestly think if you get enough Cadillac owners all complaining at the same time either a letter or an email or whatever it takes it would be a lot better, a lot faster and a whole lot less expensive than trying to file a class action suit which takes forever and ever and ever and all you get is Pennies on the dollar in the end.. I bet most of you would be like me would want the thing fixed or replaced rather than have to wait a year and get 40-50 bucks if you were lucky at all.
        Everybody want to send complaints to me at my email address, give your Cadillac year, make, mileage and exact problems, how it started and where it is now. I would be more than happy write the letter and send them all in for us all at once.

        1. Hi I own a 2013 Cadillac SRX premium, a couple of months ago one of the lower buttons on the cue screen stopped working. A couple of days ago the whole screen went down and is now totally unresponsive. I contacted my dealer and was told over the phone that I would have to replace the whole screen at a cost to me of $1200.00. I was floored, they did not want to inspect the vehicle, just wanted me to make an appointment to come in and have it replaced. I am totally disgusted. A car that is less than 4 years old with only 38000. miles on it should be warrantied no matter what. I paid a lot of money for this vehicle thinking I would get the customer service that Cadillac is supposed to be known for. Not the case, I was just considering turning my SRX in for a brand new model, but I will not now because of the negative response I got from my cadillac dealer. I will now probably purchase a BMW or Lexus. To bad cadillac has decided to leave their valuable customers twisting in the wind because this is a known defect in these vehicles and they have decided to ignore the problem and lose customers. I will be sure to tell all of my family and friends not to consider a Cadillac if they are shopping for a new vehicle because they do not stand behind their product.


          Sheila Burns

          1. Sheila, hi, I have almost the same problem as everyone on here are having. CUE not reacting to any touch. I also agree with the attitude of Cadillac. I was on the edge of buying a new SRX but the way I was treated at Camargo Cadillac this morning I will go somewhere else. I had to pay $144.00 for diagnostic that took about 2 minutes. Then told me it would cost $1200.00 more. I all so will tell my friends about the way I was treated. You probably already have your BMW and think that is where I will head. On top of that, I know it does not matter about customers, but I have owned 4 escalades , all bought from the same dealer.

          2. I wish I had read this before I bought a SRX it now has 38,000 miles also with identical problems. I agree they will not take care of it so it is time to buy another Brand. Not a fan of Ford but time to look at Lincolns.

          3. Same!!!!! I was also told 2 weeks to have it done & $1200. This should be a Recall!!!!!

        2. Vivian,
          Did you ever write to GM about this? my CUE is also not working and I had it replaced about 2 years ago. 2013 SRX. So very disappointed with this situation! What response did you get from GM?
          Thank you!

          1. I e-mailed Cadillac with the same problem. No response. I’m pretty disgusted with Cadillac. They quoted me $1,700 for a new touch screen.

        3. 2014 Caddy XTS Plaatum 12,000 . The screen does not work. You can see all of the icons but when you touch them they do not work. $1480 to fix


        4. 2013 SRX Performance. 82K miles. Just like the others on this thread. First the radio station buttons were unresponsive, a few days later, nothing works. After seeing all the other notes with the exact same issue, I’m surprised that Cadillac has just let this go. Bad customer experience or they have such a huge problem they do not want to issue a recall; they’ll just deal with the folks than complain really loudly.

        5. mine is the same. started on the middle three radio buttons. my car is a 2013 ats luxury with 28,000 miles.

        6. I have a 2014 Cadillac XTS, 74,000 miles, problem started 1 year ago, total screen is frozen, even Onstar does not work on screen.

        7. Have you written a letter to Cadillac and what was their response? We just purchased a preowned 2014 Srx 33,000 miles out of warranty. . bottom two middle button don,t respond. Had it in to a Cadillac dealer and it needs a new cue. Cost $1500

        8. CUE frozen, at 56,000. Now at 73,000.
          2014 SRX
          VIN 3GYFND38ES591615
          Started with the lower info in the nav. Couldn’t do destination, address and ect. Played with it over and over and found if I just barely touch the screen and did in a circular motion they would work. That worked for several months. Then screen completely froze at home page. Also no way to turn off Change Oil message. Don’t know if connected.

          1. You can buy a new cue screen on amazon and have it installed for about $150.

  2. This is such bullshit in part of Cadillac, I can literally google Cadillac cue not working and hundreds of people if not more have the same issue. I don’t underhand why Cadillac doesn’t call a recall on this crap. Dealer is asking 1,200 to fix a screen on a car not even 4 years old. Cadillac ought to be embarrassed of the shit they are putting out on the streets.

    1. Ha! I totally agree… I’m lucky I bought the extended warranty for mine however, they seem to be on “back-order” which maybe another cop-out. It’s a shame Cadillac hasn’t done anything about this issue.

  3. I have a 2013 ATS and having the same problem. I was told it could be replaced for $1500.00. We Cadillac owners with the CUE system need to file a class action suit about this problem. I bet we will get a recall and working systems if that happens. This is just plain fraudulent advertising and we customers need to be more appreciated.

    1. LOL I agree… it is a bit ridiculous on a car manufacturers part. Hit Cadillac up on Twitter at: and link them to this post and any other articles / posts related so they can see the comments from fellow Cadillac owners they are having this issue.

  4. How can we start a class action lawsuit I have 2013 srx my doing the same my cue is frozen to

    1. ehhh would be nice… whereas it sounds like it’s a major issue on all Cadillac models.

    2. I’m having same issue with my 2015 that I only had 3mos.
      Although it’s still covered under warranty Cadillac ack like it suppose to happen.
      It’s such an inconvience to take the car and still dont know how long the Replacement will last.
      I will probably get rid of it.

    3. I have a 2013 SRX and today when I started it the cue screen is black. I cant even see controls or back up camera. It has 64,000 miles on it but I have only owned it a few months.

  5. Hi , My 2013 ATS cue is not working and cadillac wants 1900 to fix it mannn Iv only had the car 4months I just don’t know what to do

    1. If it’s under warranty you should have the dealer replace it… unless you bought it used then it would have been wise to buy an extended warranty (which is what I did with mine) If you don’t have either option then the only option is to spend the $1,900 to repair. there are some on Amazon you could check out that might be cheaper, then you’d have to pay labor on-top for install:

  6. I have a 2013 XTS the dealer said, they would order one, the cost $1,600 and I would have to pay $200 so don’t think that’s a bad deal.

    1. If under warranty I don’t know if you’d pay anything… should double check with dealer.

  7. I agree with all Cadillac owners who have this problem. The Cadillac “Cue system” is CRAP,…because there is absolutely none of these systems that continue to function properly. THERE SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE A RECALL FOR ALL CADILLAC VEHICLES EQUIPPED WITH A ” CUE SYSTEM “PERIOD.

    1. Yeah the system is nice when it works… but I do think the Cadillac CUE should have a recall on it.

  8. I own a 2013 ATS & first the bottom half of my screen went out & now the screen just isn’t responding, luckily I can control a few things with the steering wheel. I haven’t taken it to the dealership yet but I have a feeling it’s gonna be a waste of my time. If there’s a suit I want it.

    1. I do the same thing… That’s the only way I can navigate my radio. (i’ve been doing this for a while) the only thing that really sucks is that you can’t scan stations or add them. You’re pretty much stuck with the ones you had before your system went out. I’m also able to use Pandora app through there too… but the navigation has to be done through the phone.

      1. Hi, I am owner of 2014 XTS, having very same problem with CUE. It happend of course right after EXTENDED warranty expired. I start thinking this may be the way it “suppose to be “, because Im in a limo service business and many other similar car drivers have very same problem.
        So as as conclusion law suit is the way to get this problem fixed, unless…

        1. Just had the same issue with my ’14 XTS. Fortunately, I have the extended warrenty and they ordered a new one the other day and it is supposed to be in today. Also, the lane departure and parallel parking features do not work anymore. The lane depature warning button is controlling the traction control feature, and the parallel parking doesn’t engage at all.

    2. When I took my ATS to the dealership they said i just needed to turn the car off and wait 15 minutes whenever it happened and it would take care of itself. When the screen stopped working altogether, they said it would have to be replaced. This happened about two weeks after my warranty expired from time.

  9. I agree with the class action lawsuit. I have a 2013 XTS and the Cue system isn’t working. I was told $1500 by the dealer. I’m going to find a junk car and hopefully find one that works. In the meantime I’m going to stand on my head and spin a bottle at the same time. Maybe it’ll reset.

    1. I have the same car, 36,000 miles, and it just went out. My last Cadillac, besides it rides like a log wagon, very unhappy with it, wish I had my old park avenue back

      1. I thoought I was the only one who had a complaint about how my Cadillac rides! I have a 2015 XTS and that is the best description of its ride…like a “log wagon”! And my Cue sytem is messing up as well and that is just another thing I am displeased with. Bring on the class action lawsuit! Thanks, LJ!

        1. just wait until your rear air pump leaks the air out and your ass is sitting on the ground and you cant get a jack under it to fix it I put an air shock line kit on mine with the line ran into the trunk and do it manually oh and wait til the front shocks freeze up stiff those are 325 each and it will only take that style shock because of the aluminum suspension and it all has to come off to get the shock in I guess we all learn by experience

          1. Well…where do I begin with my 2013 XTS. Center 3 bottom touch screen buttons on CUE just quite working, that is after all 4 shocks had to be replaced at 64,000 miles, seat heaters had to be replaced after melting the seats foam, rear air suspension failed, glove box latch failed, headlight failed, air intake flexible hose cracked and failed, chrome on back passenger molding peeled off, center console cup holder door failed and premature leather wear on upper back of driver seat. And the car only has 80,000 miles !!!

  10. I have similar issue on my Cadillac SRX 2013. This is not acceptable!!! I have to pay 1500$ to replace it.

  11. Hello,
    I have a 2014 Cadillac SRX, about 57,000 miles, and the same thing happened to me. Everything works fine except the touch screen doesn’t respond to anything ?

  12. Add my 2014 cts cue to the mix….37,000 miles so they better take care of it going to the dealership monday morning not even going to waste time calling and hearing all the yeah buts…….I want in on the lawsuit.

  13. Hello fellow Cadillac CUE team,
    I hate to say it but glad to know I am not the only one having this problem with the CUE screen locking up. I’m dealing with a 2013 srx with under 60,000 miles and the dealership said it would be approx. $1,500.00 to replace the unit and Cadillac is aware of these problems and doesn’t have answer other than to replace it. What a pile of ____! So I am stuck paying for my XM subscription and only have one station saved in my favorites and it isn’t even one I like. Never thought I would be in this position so I didn’t update favorites.
    Oh, to be clear I can get to my favorites using the controls in the steering wheel but can’t seek, scan or enter a any other stations outside of the saved favorites.
    You can count me in on notifying Cadillac and any other sources for a recall or discount repairs.
    Thank you

  14. I have a 2013 XTS, and guess what… same thing. First a couple of radio station keys stopped working, now the whole screen is unresponsive. I was pushed to trade in my BMW for an “American made” Cadillac. Can’t wait to get back into a good car again. No more Cadillacs for me.

  15. I am having the same issue at 52,000 miles. I just called Cadillac and they said I need to go through the dealership to get it diagnosed and fixed. You can file a complaint with Cadillac by sending a letter to: P.O. Box 33169 Detroit, MI 48232. I will be putting a letter in the mail today. If they get enough letters/pushback about the CUE they will have to do something!

    1. Thank you for the address! Is there a Department or anything that we need to address it to? Lower part of my screen went out recently and dealership wants $125 to diagnose it and do a software update! I’m not freakin stupid! Im a mechanic and I know that the screen clearly needs replace just like everyone els in this situation! Any other advice from anyone on how or who to contact to get this replaced at no cost to me? Trying to save the hassle of arguing with the dealership. Thanks

  16. Please send me information on how to join the lawsuit I have the same touchscreen issue! SRX 2013 85kmiles

  17. HI,CaddyJack.

    I am from China. I have a 2013 XTS.

    NOW, most of 2013 ,2104 ,XTS,SRX,ATS, in China ,have the screen problems.
    Mainly not working and spider cracks.

    Now, we are struggling against GM , asking for a recall.

    Would you please contact me through email?

    Thanks a lot!

  18. I also have a 2013 Cadillac SRX and the lower middle portion of my screen doesn’t work. The thing that irritates me the most is that I can’t change the climate control to blow the way I want it to. I also have to use the buttons on the steering wheel to use the navigation.

  19. I am having the same problem. 2013 XTS – 18,000 miles. It started acting funny last week and today it just stopped. The home screen on the CUE is frozen. This is not acceptable. The least Cadillac should do is post a fix that works. I am in on the suit.

  20. 2013 ats 58,000 same as others are describing, first the bottom stopped working then the entire screen. This is obviously a manufacturer defect. They need to do a recall on them!!!

  21. Same issues here. The touchscreen has become completely unresponsive. Have tried resetting, disconnecting the battery, pulling fuses. All to no avail. Anyone tried replacement?

  22. Has anyone found a solution to the ” Cadillac Cue ” system,… YET ? This is ridiculous, and a perfect example of GREED. Shame on Cadillac for claiming to be a premiere car division, so when they make a horrible product that goes into thousands of their cars and FAILS,… over MULTIBLE model car years, and will not remedy the situation in any way,.. “Cue system” owners should retaliate and put the word out about this situation to the world using all legal means.

  23. Carrigan 08/15/2017
    Same problem.
    2013 SRX, 57,000 miles At first lower part of touch screen stopped working and then whole screen went.

  24. Hey All! I haven’t found any solutions on how to fix this issues however, I did create a post that shows how and where to get a hold of Cadillac to submit a formal complaint about this issue. So it would spark a possible recall (Which would be nice). Here is this post to checkout:

    If you know of any other want to reach them simply leave a comment on that page and I’ll add it to the list.

  25. I’m having the same problem with my CUE, just started today, but had problems with the bottom of the screen for a few weeks. I will be looking into filing a complaint. This needs to be recalled!! I have a 2013 premium Cadillac ats This should not happening it is very disappointing!

  26. 2013 ATS. Just over 40,000 miles. Cue system replaced once while under warranty. Now it is acting up again, randomly switching screens without being touched. Freezes up and I am noticing 2 small cracks on the screen, hoping they don’t spread.

  27. 2013 SRX 55000 km (34500 miles) on it & the whole screen has gone blank, also the buttons on the steering column for volume etc gone too, I am hoping for a blown fuse but after reading this it appears that all Caddys have the same problem, so fearing the worse. Very disappointed as I have only had the vehicle 3 months, no warranty & dealer wants to charge for diagnostic.

  28. Same here.. the CUE quit working . 30,000 miles. I have tried the hard start and nothing works. I can change the radio by voice command only. I can’t answer the phone by the CUE. I will file a complaint as noted in a few posts prior to this one. I have always wanted a Cadillac and finally have one and this happens. Please everyone file a complaint- more voices could get us a recall .

  29. Same issue here, CUE screen frozen on my 2014 SRX with 60k. Started with lower part of screen not working and within 2 weeks the entire screen froze. If this is such a large issue with the CUE, why hasn’t GM recalled these systems as opposed to wanting to charge $1200+ labor to replace them? I’m very frustrated with GM, can’t even pair my phone that has to be replaced.

  30. Everyone,.. STOP ! Please don’t pay to get another system installed, thinking you’re getting a fix. All you’re doing is replacing a broken one with a SAME FLAWED system one that is just a left-over, extra part,.. bound to fail exactly as the first,.. in time ! Cadillac needs to make a completely NEW SYSTEM of “CUE”, free of defects that can REPLACE our current systems,.. FREE OF CHARGE,.. I’m sure. – – – ?

  31. The only fix is to take to a Cadillac Dealer & pay $1500+/- & take a chance that it doesn’t fail again. Or make a deal & trade the piece of crap in on anything but a Cadillac.

  32. Mine just did the same thing. 2014 with 70,000 miles. I am so disappointed! I don’t want to pay $1500 to fix something that Cadillac knew was flawed. I was so excited to get his car. I always thought Cadillac stood for quality. I guess not. I hope Cadillac comes around and recalls this CUE system to repair it.

  33. I have a SRX 2015 (15.000 km only) CUE touch screens is non responsive. I called Cadillac Mexico because the dealer wanted to charge me for ¨diagnosis¨. Cadillac says they will evalutate my case…. So dissapointed, I thought Cadillac was sinonime of high end quality. This is my first and last Cadillac. 🙁

  34. I have a 2013 Cadillac XTS and have about 87,000 miles and now the destination and menu buttons on the Navigation screen does not work. However, I am still able to use voice commands. I did not get the extended warranty and although I did get mechanical breakdown insurance through my insurance company but I doubt it will cover the CUE. Since it integrates OnStar and XM/Sirius there are probably not any after market units yet that will work. However, it is worth exploring.

  35. 2014 Cadillac SRX 120K Kms, CUE touchscreen not responding. This is a defect and GM should pay for the repair with no conditions.

  36. Add my 2013 ATS to the list. 70k miles and touchscreen displays, but haptic touch is gone. Started with bottom of screen and moved up, becoming less responsive. Now, no response at all. Cadillac does not equal quality. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m not paying $1500 to fix it. I’m getting rid of this boat anchor. I loved the car when I first got it, but road noise, quality, and trade-in value are all appalling.

  37. I have a 2013 Cadillac SRX and my CUE system stopped working as well a couple of weeks ago right after my extended warranty expired. Please add me to the list for a letter for a recall or class action suit.

  38. My 2014 ATS cue screen is crap and Cadillac won’t own up to their faulty product. We should all get together and file a class action suit.

  39. I agree. Cadillac is a piece of junk. I to brought a brand new 2013 SRX,
    and have had problems with this car. Will tell all people to stay away from
    Cadillac, and shop for other manufacture. This company is bad news.

  40. My 2013 ATS Cue screen is stop working yesterday. Mine is only 32000 miles but out of warranty. It is cost too much to replace it.

  41. My ATS 2014 cue just froze up myself. For sure it’s a problem and GM should be paying for these recalls. If not losing me as a customer and a lot others!

  42. My XTS 2013 stopped working a couple of weeks ago. It started to have problems on the bottom part of the screen, now it is completed broken.

  43. As well I have a 2013 SRX and same issue touch screen stopped working in spots now the entire screen has stopped . The screen has even now began flashing in and out so unhappy with my local Cadillac dealership who seems aware but doesn’t care once they’ve got the sale

  44. 2013 ATS, 54,000 miles. Lower center of screen is dead as of yesterday… i’m guessing the rest of the screen is soon to follow.

  45. 2013 ATS, when my car hit around 52k miles then the CUE started to work funny, the bottom part of the touch screen wasn’t working but the rest was fine. After finally got my appointment to the dealer despite the tech strikes, they told me the CUE needed to be replaced. The sucks part is after the diagnose the CUE wasn’t working at all; I was able to do a hard reset but it only worked for a couple of touch. I contact Cadillac North America and gave them an update and open a complaint, they said since the car it is not to far from the 50k expired warranty they will talk to the dealer and see if they can absorbe some of the costs. I am agreed that a class A lawsuit should be filed since we are many Cadillac owners having the same problem. Besides not having the CUE, the voice recognition it is sucks since it doesn’t understand half of the commands and it is very frustrating to go around it.

  46. I have just read most of these complaints because the exact same thing happened to my 2013 Cadillac SRX Premium. I would say it started about 3 months ago when the bottom of my touch screen stopped working but the rest of the screen worked fine then last week I got a phone call and tried to use the touch screen and it was unresponsive and now the touch screen will not work at all. This definitely sounds like this should be a recall from Cadillac. I will more than likely never buy another GM vehicle because of this.

    1. Add my 2014 SRX 52,000 miles to the list also. 1 bottom button went out not 3 are out-I can’t believe that I’m going to have to pay $1200 to “possibly” get it fixed. I’m mad as heck too! I’m wondering since/if we have to pay this amount can we just go with an after market replacement? If there’s such an animal out there!

  47. 2013 srx same. CUE screen is frozen for a week now. 59k miles. I think they absolutely should recall this or class action, there are enough people affected from what i have read so far.

  48. I’m extremely disappointed… I have a 2013 ats.. My car is in great condition . The touch screen just stopped working. Cadillac is about class and style. Pretty embarrassing to have such a common problem in all their cars.i will never buy another cadillac if they don’t do this for us.

  49. Same problem with my 2013 XTS. At 43,000 miles my screen stopped working. So disappointed with the poor reviews.

  50. Same Here 2013 SRX Premium… Lower middle screen dead to the touch. 1 month later the entire screen is frozen….. Start a class action…. I’m in

  51. I’m Pissed!!! I bought a 2014 Cadillac SRX luxury addition 3 months ago with 48K miles on it after 1 owner from a lease thinking i now have a luxury car i can count on. WRONG. It now has 54K miles and my driver side seat is stuck all the way back and wont adjust anymore, none of the seat controls work, my side view mirrors aren’t working and my touch screen isn’t working at all either. I brought it into dealership and they are charging me $140 for a diagnostic test. ( that is whenever they get to it. its been there 3 days and i had an appointment #GMCBUICKMICKINNEYTX ) Its out of warrantee now. I suspect they will give me a ridiculous quote after reading these posts and i will be stuck with not being able to afford to fix it and driving a luxury piece of crap! I’m so disappointed.

  52. My 2013 Cadillac SRX touch screen quit working today at 34,599 miles! I too tried the resets and of course nothing worked. Will be contacting dealership. I also have a rattle noise coming from the back hatch. Very noisy ride to be such a luxury car! Live and learn!
    This will be my last Cadillac!

  53. My wife has a 2014 SRX that has the exact same issues.. Started with the lower middle screen, now nothing works . This is disappointing to see that it is this big of a problem and they wont recall it.. Also has been in the shop several times because the brakes keep acting up.. This will be our 1st & last Cadillac

  54. 2013 ATS
    Same problems. I am willing to contact corporate if all of you will back me on a petition or be avaliable to Cadillac.

    First and last if they don’t fix it.

  55. Clearly this is a larger issue than a bad ‘lot’ of CUE screens. Even replacement screens have failed.
    I have the same nonresponsive screen in my 2013 XTS Platinum. It started with the lower center becoming nonresponsive then soon after the entire screen
    My father has been a long time Cadillac owner as have I been. This is my third Cadillac. If Cadillac does not work to correct this problem to our satisfaction, these will be the last Cadillacs this family will purchase.

  56. Same Issues here with the Cue. Lower middle portion of screen became unresponsive 2 months ago. Finally 1 month ago the entire screen became unresponsive to touch inputs. Today magically all functions returned?? I’m guessing there is a soldering issue in a component which I’m sure on the next bumpy ride will rear back the issue of a non responsive screen

  57. Wow this is a nightmare so embarrassing when friends are in my 2015 CTS asking me why the touch screen doesn’t respond. This is a $55k car ! Soo embarrassing. While mine is still under warranty scheduled for a fix next week, i’m afraid the repair will fail too. Should I wait a little longer for a better hardware upgrade I wonder?

  58. Same here! Mine stopped working on the bottom a few weeks ago. I took it to the Cadillac dealership. $1200 fix. ugh.

  59. I too have a 2014 Cadillac CTS that is having same issue with Cue where bottom 1/3 of the screen won’t respond. It definitely seems like Cadillac should be taking care of its customers; there is obviously a flaw in their desing

  60. Add me to the list of casualties….2014 SRX 32,000 miles…Started with bottom middle buttons now home screen unresponsive. Scheduled for Wednesday morning service, should be interesting.

  61. This is my last cadillac. Cadillac is all I’ve driven all my life. I’ve owned a 2013 ats and this happened. The explanation they have me was the air conditioning unit sits behind the cue. And when it’s turned over time it damages the display module. They replaced it. Didn’t feel comfortable about it so I brought the 2014 xts after I was told the problem was fixed with the 2014. 2 yrs later having the same problem and my warranty just ended. They quoted me as well 1400 just for the unit smh

  62. Add me to the list. 2015 srx And screen not working and it’s setting radio stations on its own. 3rd Cadillac And 2nd srx this is the only one we are having issues with . The screen even is moving on it’s own and I can’t stop it.

  63. This is not a good look. My wife’s car is starting to have this issue. At first I thought it was just not responding to our touch (oil or lotion on our hands) but now looking at these forums, it another story. We have a 2013 ATS Turbo. Beautiful car for her, but first it was the HUD and now this. I guess I’ll be going back to Moore Cadillac in Chantilly VA.

  64. 2013 ATS with the same issue starting. Center-bottom button no longer functional, with other random touches registered. Less than 40K on the car. What a joke!

  65. I have 2014 ATS. Cue system is completely frozen. Motion sensors and touch screen stopped functioning. Bluetooth barely works. I tried all stupid fucking methods to reset the cue system but it never worked and if i go to the delearship they will charge me with nice fucking bill.
    This will be my last Cadillac probably.

  66. My faith in Cadillac, GM, and humanity has been restored. After talking to Cadillac customer service, and they talking to my dealer they authorized the replacement of my Cue system at no cost to me on my 2014 SRX that was past warranty. Had it replaced and it’s back to working like new. Hopefully it lasts. Thanks again Cadillac,

  67. Piece of Crap! I am sitting in the Dealer now waiting for the inevitable explanation that I will need a new Cue for my ‘14 ATS. Half the screen is dead. The fucking customer in front of me had the same exact problem with his ATS! What the fuck?! Never buying GM again! I feel like I am at this dealer every other week!

  68. We have a 2013 SRX and our CUE screen is frozen. Didn’t realize so many others were having the same problem. Very disappointed to hear all the complaints and nothing being done.

  69. My 2013 SRX is doing the same thing home page is frozen. Can’t believe this is not a recall item since in controls all functions. Will contact dealer after calling infotainment customer service 855-478-7767.

  70. Just called Cadillac customer care because my mothers xts cue screen stopped working 3 weeks after warranty expired, car has 8,2xx miles. Cadillac opened file on it but said it needs examined by dealer. Appointment Tuesday. I’ll update with the outcome.

  71. I contacted GM by mail and they replied
    “Thanks for getting back to me and I’m really sorry if the radio restart was unsuccessful. I understand how frustrating this is and I want to do everything I possibly can to help you. Here’s what I’ll need first…..Per GM policy, your vehicle has to be officially diagnosed before I can step in and pursue any type of cost assistance/goodwill for you. After a GM dealer has diagnosed your vehicle they should provide you with a repair order showing the diagnosis. I’ll need you to email me the repair order showing the diagnosis so I can attach it to a file I will create for you. I’ll also enter this data into my system, and work with the management of your dealer to determine what I can do to help you. I hope this helps. Thank you again for your email and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!”
    I suggest we should all contact GM or Cadillac, so management aware. We have a choice to buy Lexus, but we choose Cadillac (American Product). Let them know we support USA made cars , but they’re better not turning their back to us.
    I use this link to contact them

    1. Update
      Have CUE fixed at Massey Cadillac (Dallas TX) under goodwill assistance for $179 total. My faith with Cadillac restored , I believed thank to this website and Facebook ( Finally, GM and Cadi know this is a defective product and they’re willing to take care the CUE.
      My car is 2013 SRX Lux with 61K miles. Make sure to contact them at
      and provide your VIN.
      Thank you CaddyJack

  72. i have a 2013 cadillac ats and the screen froze this is crazy the car only has 13.000 miles

  73. Hi all,
    My post was similar to Tim A Taylor 6/11/2017 | 8:22, just report a Cadillac dealer in Dallas help me to fix CUE screen under goodwill assistance and a thank you note to CaddyJack but it was removed by ???.
    Moderator, please let me know if my post offend anybody
    Thank you

    1. Hello JessicaLe… thanks for the comments! No comments on here are removed they just get placed in a moderation queue. All comments are available to the readers as long as they aren’t spam. Thanks for contributing your comments to the readers 🙂

  74. Same issue as all here. 2013 Ats, 54k miles. Touch screen went dead about a month ago. Dealer quoted ~1500 to repair. Calling GM tomorrow to file a compliant.

    1. Took GM a week to get back to me. GM will NOT help me with repair under a goodwill assistance. Guess I will be dealing with an unresponsive touchscreen for the immediate future.


  76. I have a 2013 SRX Luxury and my CUE system freezes up as well. I have found a temporary fix in that I hold down the power button until the big clock shows up. I leave my CUE system powered off for about five minutes and then turn it back on and my buttons work again. This is only a temp fix because I have had to do this several times already and the CUE system still eventually freezes up again.


  77. It has been around freezing temperatures and besides my car almost sputtereting and feeling like it will stall out from time to time. I turn my car on and my Cadillac Cue short circuited in front of my face and now will not turn on. I know the cold had something to do with it. I called Cadillac Customer Service and they pretty much told me I should be under warranty. Really upset this is my last straw with my Cadillac 2013 ATS will bring to my nearest dealership and I’m calling customer service again to complain and that this type of stuff should never break and or be replaced. If they do not replace this screen free of charge I will blog/complain/ and bash Cadillac until the day I die.

  78. I have a 2016 Cadillac Escalade ESV. only 7500 miles on it as it is more of a show ride. CUE has cut out almost completely. This is outside of customer service and support. I’m besides myself

  79. I have a. Cadillac SRX and the cue screen froze. When t contacted Cadillac corporate customer service I was told my warranty expired and since I didn’t purchase the extended warranty there’s nothing they can do for me. I’m going to get it fixed then trade it off. I’ll never buy another GM product again

  80. I am reading these posts and if anything, I now realize I am not alone ! Wow! I just spent 4 years of agony with maintenance on my Mercedes, so thought a Cadillac would be the answer. we purchased a used 2013 SRX, 97,000 km, or about 60,000 miles, “certified” pre owned. In the 2 months since we brought it home…electric drivers seat stopped working, heated seats stopped working, exhaust leak found under hood, rear tire went flat due to a faulty plug/patch, check engine light came on day we drove it home….and now, the CUE screen is not working at all. The dealership has come good for everything so far, but now the CUE is not being covered. I now see that it should be a recall item for Cadillac. If they want consumers to but North American again, this kind of issue has to be resolved. I am hoping to get some resolution from the dealer, maybe a shared cost.

  81. I had 2014 SRX. The dealer had to replace the CUE system twice. The car was in for 3 days each time this happened. I had a loaner and the cost was $0. However, when the lease was up, I turned the car in and leased an Infiniti. Never again will I own a Cadillac.

    1. I have a 2014 SRX with 19,280 miles Last week on the 7th of August, I tried to use the navigation and the screen was froze. So I took it in to ED Morse Cadillac in Sunrise Fl. and wouldn’t you know it, my warranty expired on the 6th. I told them that I don’t know when it went out, could have been on the 3rd or 4th. No matter, they won’t cover it no way, no how. I’m so pissed off I might just go wrap this POS around a tree and go buy a KIA or something reliable.

  82. I am so disappointed and annoyed that this has happened. I really like my 2013 SRX but this radio issue is so unfortunate. I won’t buy another one in fear it will happen again. Just got a price of $1500. I did see a company on ebay that will repair it for $350 but you have to ship it to them. They need to have a recall asap!! Lost any more of my business!!

  83. My ’14 SRX’s CUE screen completely stopped working. I can only change channels using my steering wheel buttons. But I can’t play my music from my phone. Have had my car for a little over 2 years.

    Extremely disappointed to see the volume of people having similar issues. I thought Cadillac was supposed to be a premium brand. This issue is making me rethink my purchase.

  84. 2013 SRX CUE system just froze up. Contacted dealer and they said $1,400 to fix. Contacted Cadillac and they said “out of warranty, can we assist with anything else ?” It seems to be a common issue yet they simply will not address it. Why pay for premium equipment if that premium equipment is not so premium ? The old knob and dial equipment works better, much longer, and sounds no different. Thought about trading for XT5 but now, after this issue and lack of support, why spend the money ?

  85. I just got back off of vacation to find my CUE unresponsive and is completely annoying. Touch not responding and steady looking at the home screen. After looking at all of this and youtube this is something that appears to be common and when calling the dealership prior to reading this they tell me “wear and tear and it will be 1250.00 for the system and 240.00 for labor.” My plan is to get the touchscreen working by replacing the digitizer myself and trade in the vehicle for something as nice without this issue and somewhere with better customer service. Can’t believe this, I actually love the car.

    1. Contact Cadillac directly via e-mail. They are paying for my 2014 ATS Cue screen. I only have to pay $180. I suspect this is becoming a large issue for them and will eventually become a recall.

  86. I own two Cadillacs. One is a CTS and another is a 2013 XTS. The navigation system went out and the bottom buttons in the center do not work. The dealer is telling me that I will cost $1240 to get it fixed. Basically, I have the same issue as everyone else. No more Cadillacs for me.

  87. Quoted $1600 to $1800 by a Chevrolet dealership to fix frozen CUE screen on an SRX 2014 Cadillac on 09/20/2018. I suggested to the service person that the screen may be defective because a large number of people were reporting the same issue on the internet…..The dealership called me on 09/21/2018 and told me that GMC would cover all but $129.00. (The service person at the dealership called GMC home office)…. Returned to dealership today, replaced unite, got out paying only $129.00….Thanks GMC!!!

  88. My 2013 SRX touch screen also started being non-responsive at the lower center and with what I have read, it will stop working soon. Apparently its a serious problem across all 2013-2018 Cadillacs. IF you are comfortable in fixing things, there are a lot of digitizer screens you could buy through eBay and install yourself. it will take between 2 and 4 hours depending on your speed. I have ready many owners changed the screen with success and it only costed them between $70 and $120 depending the source and shipping rates. Just make sure you buy the ones with 2 clear windows so the proximity sensor works. The darker shade screens have proven to not allow the proximity sensor to operate properly. I am ordering it and will do it myself.

  89. Found a guy in Jacksonville, FL who will replace the touch screen for $250. All you have to do is remove it and send it to him with $250 and he will pay postage to return it to you. His email is My screen started acting up and then it froze. Works like a charm now.

  90. Hey all, I have a 2014 ATS with over 100,000 miles on it. I’ve had it for only a year and 1/2. Several months ago I started having issues with the bottom center of the CUE screen not working and then it spread over a few months to the entire screen not working. I contacted Cadillac via their online chat and they refused to even talk about it. I then e-mailed Cadillac directly with my issues. They then e-mailed back requesting information. I was provided with a case number and an advisor through Cadillac. Long story short, Cadillac is working with my dealership and pay for the replacement of the screen with a cost to me of only $180!!!! It pays to contact Cadillac directly and have it fixed through a dealership as information provided to me on fixing the screen yourself is quite difficult.

  91. Hey fellow Caddy owners ! Same situation with my 2014 SRX right around 50,000 miles the CUE started dying , first a few buttons were unresponsive, and gradually they were all NG ! Brought it back to Herb Chambers Dealership here in Rhode Island and they replaced the Cue in one business day !!! Over nite delivery from CA for new Cue . The charge was $200 which seems fair to me . They told me the charge was a deductible from an insurance policy / recall from GM . Works fine again ! Hope this gives someone some help .

    1. Have a 2013 SRX with the same problem (29,789 miles). Touch screen went out > Took it to the dealer and was charged $129 for a diagnostic test . They could see it wasn’t working without doing a diagnostic. They replace the cue and it cost $1315.75. I was told there wasn’t a recall for the cue screen. Like to know more about the recall from GM.

  92. Wow I can’t believe all these similar issues. Let me throw in my story.

    Bought a used 2013 SRX Performance a couple of weeks ago, everything was awesome!!! After about 3 days, the Navigation stopped working. The map would display & the “GPS” box had a diagonal line through it. It could not locate my car, so I couldn’t get directions & got very lost, at night, by myself, not good. Just moved to this area.

    Took it to the GM dealer & they said the human interface computer needed to be replaced. I had bought a 3-year bumper to bumper extended warranty from the Honda dealer where I bought the car and the GM dealer said it would be covered. It also has the life time power train warranty on it.

    Yesterday they called to say the car was fixed. Part cost $1000 and labor was $500, all covered except for $100 deductible I had to pay. So I pay, return the rental car & get in my car & now the screen won’t even go on AT ALL!!! What’s up with that???!!! Now I’m back in the rental & they are supposedly going to get another new part. Car is supposed to be ready tomorrow. I’ll post back after I get my car, which I like better than the newer rental they gave me!!!

  93. I purchased my 2014 SRX in March 2018 and it had about 30 days left on the warranty and had about 28,000 miles on it.
    After purchasing I noticed the middle radio button would not work but big deal not much to be concerned about. Within a couple months the screen totally froze up so I waited for my next oil change at the dealer to have it checked and cost me 25.00 to have them tell me the screen needed replaced at a cost of a little over 1000.00. So I started researching on the internet and find out this is a typical problem with the CUE system in Cadillacs. Finding out some people contact Cadillac and get this completely covered and others pay up to 150.00 I thought I would contact Cadillac.The first step they contacted my dealer to arrange replacement and my dealer called me and said Cadillac would cover 450 of the 1000 and I would be responsible for the other 550. Then I was sent to a tier 2 representative because I was not satisfied and she was supposed to respond within 3 days. Well 10 days later I had to call her extension and leave a message then the next day she called while I was at work and told my wife I could call her back anytime before 6pm. So I did and left several messages for several days with no response and in the mean time talked with many other people at Cadillac and they said I had to talk to my rep. Finally today I must have screamed loud enough she finally called me back and told me they were going to do no more than they had already offered. Then she offered me a service voucher for 100 dollars. I told her it is such a problem many people with older cars with many more miles on them have had their cars fixed either free up to 150 dollars so I asked how they pick and choose who to take care of. She said they do it all on a case by case basis and after reviewing my case that is all they are willing to do. Apparently I got a bad representative and Cadillac knows they have issues if they were in no way at fault they wouldn’t be offering anything to anybody. If anyone can help me please give me some advice short of going to Cadillac World Headquarters because that would only get me in trouble.

  94. Same problem here 2013 srx cue screen freezes. Its stuck on setting screen. Went to dealership of course warranty is over and its $ 1400 to replace. So disguted. Tell me how to contact Cadillac so i can only pay under $200. So disappointed in Cadillac. This should be considered a recall since its such an issue

  95. Here’s my issue, I have a 2014 SRX with less than 45K miles, and my CUE system had gone out for the SECOND time, been told by Cadillac that the repair will be at my expense. Why have these not been recalled, my concern is the safety issue. My CUE screens scroll left and right, the icons now flash at me and I have orange arrows all over the screen, personally this is a distinct eye distraction, especially at night. Leads to a hazardous driving situation as far as I’m concerned. What have other Cadillac owners experienced ?

    1. My 2014 CTS also has a non responsive cue touchscreen, warranty expired last month with only 3200 miles on it. Any new information in dealing with Cadillac to get them to stand behind their product?

  96. I have a 2014 Cts with a non responsive cue touchscreen, warranty expired January 2018 with only 3200 miles. Any updates on getting these things replaced by GM, hard restart did not work.

  97. I have 2014 ATS and my cue started having problems shortly after the warranty was gone. I started researching and tried the hard start and many other things to get it working. Nothing has worked. I can change stations from the steering wheel but nothing works on the touchscreen. Called the dealer and they said it would cost 1500.00 to fix it! Could this be considered a lemon law situation or can we sue Cadillac??

  98. I own a 2013 XTS, my cue screen has spider webbed . I contacted Cadillac they are no help. I was told to take it to the dealer and get it diagnosed. I already know whats wrong with it. I think a class action suit is needed. They should be responsible for t he repair . They should issue a recall.

  99. I have a 2014 srx premium. I had the cue screen replaced about a year ago. It has started acting up again but for the most part works. However the hard buttons underneath just do whatever whenever. Random setting like the heated or cooled seats come on automatically. Radio volume goes up and down on its own etc. Thought I was the only one having these problems. Guess not! Did the hard reset and that didn’t help.

  100. I have a 2015 ats 2.0t Cadillac that I was sold as the cue was going out and I’m not too happy about it. Now it’s completely black and they want 1500 dollars to replace and or repair it. This is ridiculous. I should not have to pay them that kind of money for repairs. So I need an alternative quickly.

  101. My 2017 XTS just started freezing up on me, on and off. I figured it was due to the Summer heat. Once the car cools down it seems to fix itself. I have 8300 miles on my car and after reading these posts I feel sick to my stomach. Will this problem get worse and eventually break? I wonder if I should make an appt to take it to the dealer or wait for it to “break” Appreciate the feedback.

  102. My 2103 XTS Que screen started spider webbing in 2015 to the point the entire face looked like mini cracks & the touch screen wouldn’t work. The dealership replaced the system in 2015. In 2018 we started complaining about the touch screen freezing at times, it got worst and completely stop functioning. Each time we took the car in for service the dealership kept saying they couldn’t duplicate the failure. I believe they would do a hard reset it would work for a day or so, then freeze again. Now the screen is being replaced once again. So from 2013 – 2019 this will be the 3rd Cadillac Que system- definitely should have been a recall. Cost of $1600 (parts & labor)

  103. I bought a 2 1/4” quick release suction cup from a discount tool store (sold to pull out car dents) and just for the heck of it clamped it on my 2013 SRX CUE screen in several areas and “wiggled” it a little in each of the areas. My CUE screen was completely unresponsive before and now it works! I got the idea when researching replacement touch screens. It crossed my mind, “What if the plastic Touchsense screen is stuck in one or more places of the video screen it sits on top of?”

    I don’t recommend pulling hard or wiggling hard and can’t tell you at what point this procedure could damage the screen. As I said, I clamped the suction cup onto the screen and just wiggled it a little—I didn’t pull on it. The suction cup is the type with the split handle that clamps together for suction and then push the one handle apart to release the suction.

    I have a replacement touchsense screen on order, but may send it back if this works. Since I was going to replace the screen anyway, I decided to give this a shot on a whim. Good luck!

  104. I have a lm 2016 SRX and recently my cue started scrolling the radio stations by itself and the only way I can stop it turning my car off and back on again. It has happened so far twice. Doesn’t respond to touch. It also stored someone’s name from my contacts as a radio station. Today I was in the maps and it stored a street name as a radio station. It also turned both heated seats on by itself. By all these comments I am reading it’s a common issue that is very expensive to get fixed.

  105. I have a 2014 XTS4, and have put 115,500 miles on it, and actually have been extremely happy with it, until last summer of 2018, when my Cue started experiencing all the problems already delineated in these links.

    However, I wish to make it known that a replacement can be ordered for about $55 and prices go up from there to around $549, depending on where you order the replacement. These problems are rampant in the Cue Infotainment system. I’ve used the hard-restart instructions many times, and it sometimes fixes the issue, but not entirely. I’ve gone to several Cadillac Dealers and they all say that they completely remove the Infotainment system, and replace it with a new one. The price I’ve been quoted is $1,600 for the unit which is parts and labor. It’s an extensive 2-hour process to replace (if you are good), but a person can do it themselves. What I’d like to let people know is that dealerships all know of this issue and how inexpensive a “replacement” touchscreen can be purchased for. I asked them if they’d charge me labor to install the new touch screen panel I just purchased. The service manager at the dealership I bought my car from (a prominent dealership in Salt Lake) told me they don’t do it this way. But, the message I’m revealing is that they know of the issue, it’s a massive one, but didn’t tell me there was a solution like purchasing a new touch screen. They kept it quiet, not telling me that I could go online and order the replacement. both dealerships in the area kept it secret. I only discovered this when I went online to find a fix. So, don’t fall for it….order a new touchscreen and replace it yourself. Mine even came with 4 plastic repair tools. All you’ll need is 7 MM socket wrench or screwdriver type of socket, to get the job done. But, plan on at least 2 hours…if all goes well. I believe that a good tech that had replaced them, could actually do it in less than an hour. The concern I’m seeing in all these posts is that this is “constant” issue, so I’m not looking forward to having my new unit fail so soon after replacing it, from what I’m reading. What can Cadillac do to make this “right” for us?

  106. Same problem touch screen not working with 2015 Cadillac ~ went to dealer ~ they said $1,500. My eyes popped out. They said the warranty is over now. Before not working I got a message on screen from dealership to come in for car check up..then is stopped working?? Suspicious They told me there is a Private recall at Cadillac dealer ~ gave me “good will . I pay the detectable of $250.

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