How to open trunk of Cadillac CT6 with a Dead Battery

Have you had the issue to where the battery died completely in your Cadillac CT6 and you were unable to open the trunk? Well there is a lever in the trunk that allows you to open the trunk manually. However, if the battery is completely dead then you can’t open the trunk to access it.

So what you can do is pretty much the following:

  1. Open the little panel in the middle of the backseat that gives you access to the trunk.
  2. Find a broom or pole that can reach the manual trunk release lever (Emergency Trunk Release handle) on the back of the trunk lid.
  3. Grab some duct tape and a piece of wire that can create a hook (coat hanger).
  4. Tape the wire / coat hanger to the end of the broom/pole on the shape of a hook.
  5. Insert the broom/pole (with the hook at the end) into the open panel in between the middle of the backseats.
  6. With the broom/pole try to use the hook to catch the manual trunk release lever to open the trunk manually.
  7. Once you’ve got the hook on the lever pull the broom/pole and the trunk will pop open!
  8. When the trunk is open you’ll then gain access to the battery under the spare tire.

It doesn’t sound like the greatest option but, when you don’t have time to wait for a Cadillac dealership maintenance person or an automotive repair service to show up. You take matters into your own hands.

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4 Replies to “How to open trunk of Cadillac CT6 with a Dead Battery”

  1. 2016 Caddy CTS. A wire coat hanger works great as well. Open the center console on the back seat, make a hook with one end of the hanger in order to grab the pull tab and within five minutes it will pop open. Having a flashlight is handy as well in order to see the pull tab.

    1. It’s in the back middle part of the trunk lid… use a flashlight or a phone light to shine in the trunk.

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