Cadillac XTS Hard Reset – Restart CUE Infotainment System

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Recently my Cadillac CUE froze when I was at a redlight switching stations on the Pandora App. It completely froze as in it couldn’t do any thing; turn off, change stations or temperature. So While I was at the light I quickly came across these simple instructions to do once I got home.

So, here’s how to perform a hard reset / restart on your Cadillac CUE system:

  1. Turn the vehicle on
  2. Open the CUE faceplate, thereby exposing the storage area behind it
  3. With the faceplate up, turn off the vehicle
  4. Open the driver’s side door
  5. Wait 30-60 seconds with the driver’s side door open
  6. Close the door and start the vehicle
  7. Lower the faceplate

While you’re working with your CUE Infotainment System why not pick up some touch screen anti-glare, anti-scratch screen protectors!

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  1. I have tried this and it does not work. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?? I called our dealership and it’ll cost around $1,400!!

    1. Sorry it’s happening to you too… It’s been going on with a-lot of Cadillac owners. If it’s stopping in one section of the screen then soon it will happen to the whole screen.

    2. I was just informed the cost would be about $1,200. And NO that little door open, start, etc, etc, trick didn’t work for mine either. The problem started at the bottom level and then it kept moving up and then finally the whole thing just quit in a second. It’ll still play CDs.
      But of course you can’t use the track selection.
      And but of course it happens when the warranty is out.
      Good luck to all of you with the same problem.

      1. I’m having the same problem. 2 buttons on the bottom of my radio stations won’t respond. When I switch over to navigation, this same area of the screen won’t work.

  2. Is there a Consumer agency thag can be contacted??….it seems like a “Tanaka” type recall may be in the future if enough customers contact the right agency!!

    1. I’m in! My car has 52000 miles and it just stopped working. I’m starting to think the CUE is programmed to malfunction at 50000 miles.

      1. I have 37k miles on my 2014. the screen was replaced last year. This is fugging rediclulous!!

        1. I have replaced my CUE on the 2014 ELR once already and it is sorely needed again. Very disappointing unit on an otherwise dependable, fine and luxurious car!

      2. I have a 2014 Xts about 2 months after the warranty went out the screen went black they replaced for $800.00! Just the other day the icons when push will not respond! My back up camera works and my controls on the steering wheel works but I can’t get the navigation if I wanted to use it and it only has 41,000 miles on it

  3. Paid a lot of money to have a nice car and for the CUE to mess up like this. Need a recall on this system. Maybe time to leave Cadillac alone and get into another make and model

  4. My 2013 Cadillac SRX CUE have stopped working, I have not had this SUV a year yet I’m pissed because my warranty is out and it’s not even at 50,000 miles. It’s going to cost 1,200 -1,300 dollars. I am so pissed nice car with a horrible system..How come there is not a recall. WHO can I speak to about this on going problem

  5. It just happened to mine too. 2013 XTS. Quit working at the bottom few weeks ago and today it totally stopped working. Can’t even hear the radio. Won’t play media from my phone either. Ugh!

      1. I have 38000 on my 2013 XTS and like everyone else, CUE is playing games and sounds as though, it will go belly up before long . Guess I should have bought a FORD. My next one will not be the expensive Cadillac. Does anyone know what to do about these things and WHY does it cost so much to replace the CUE?

      2. Our 2013 XTX has 88,000 miles on it And the que completely stopped working at 55,000 miles a couple of years ago. One day the radio came on, could only change the station with voice. Touchscreen works on occasion but once one area works, none of the others do.
        We will jot be getting another Cadillac and do not recommend them.

  6. I hear everyone my girlfriends car is doing the same thing hard reset doesn’t work. Cadillac needs to get off there deadbeat butt and get this fixed with a recall . They recall the dumbest little things this is a big problem and Cadillac needs to get this fixed , like all have said we need more people to complain you buy a luxury car and spend the money they need to fix this

    1. It worked for me! My screen went completely black, I performed the hard reset and everything’s working fine. 2013 XTS with 46,000 miles.

  7. We are having the same problem. The blue screen of death. The reboot did not work. Cadillac needs to address this chronic problem and fix this for free. So many people with the same problem.

  8. I have a 2013 ATS, 60K miles, out of warranty. My cue system started having the same problems with lower portion of screen and today the entire system shit the bed. The hard reset in this thread did not fix it either. Not cool Cadillac, not cool. If they don’t issue a recall to fix this problem then I will not purchase another Cadillac in the future.

  9. Same issue 2014 Cadillac SRX of course out of warranty. Tried the “hard reset” that did not work either. Anyone have any answers??

  10. 2014 SRX. The same thing has happened to my vehicle. I am in the beginning stages where it is just the bottom of the screen so I can’t use my navigation system. The hard reset doesn’t do a thing! What a joke !! Cadillac needs to make this right for it’s customers. A luxury vehicle with a luxury price. But the luxury amenities don’t work. I am so upset by this.

  11. 2013 SRX CUE won’t do anything. Hard reset didn’t do anything. Tried it 3 times. Ticked off cause I spent another 2500.00 for tow package to use with RV and now that will be gone when I trade this piece of crap for a Kia. That’s right, a G#@ D%#* Kia!!!!

  12. Same thing with my 2013 xts, I think they need a recall, or this will be my last Cadillac

  13. WAKE UP CADILLAC MANAGEMENT!! You have a problem. Just like all the above my XTS Platinum with only 37,432 miles has the same problem with CUE. The recommended open drivers door nonsense does not fix it. With this many complaints you have a problem. One thing is for sure it’s not going to be my problem much longer. I am not going to spend a cent having it fixed and this will be my last GM car.

  14. Same thing for me, hard reset is useless. i’m gonna scream at the dealership if cadillac doesn’t recall this and fix it.,

  15. Same problem. 2013 SRX 37,423 miles .No touchscreen functions work. Hard reset does nothing. BS!!

  16. I have a 2013 XTS Premium with this issue. It started to be unresponsive at rhe bottom and now the whole screen is stuck in the home position. Definitely my LAST GM vehicle.

  17. I’m just starting to have my bottom of the screen go out. Hated hearing that it’s gonna get worse. I have 2014 SRX, and of course out of warranty. I cannot use 2 of the bottom buttons which affects radio, GPS. These 2 buttons are in the middle of the bottom row. I agree there should be a recall. I owned a Lexus last car, and never had a single problem. Might have to go back to Lexus if this is going to continue to be a problem. Do I hear RECALL?

  18. I have the same problem with my 2013 Platinum XTS. 47,100 miles; out of warranty. I had some touch buttons replaced under warranty in August 2017. The touch screen started giving me problems a few weeks ago with the bottom of the screen and now the whole screen does not respond to touch! I tried the reset and it did not help. If someone hears about Cadillac taking care of this known issue, please notify the rest of us. Thanks!

  19. I contacted GM by mail and they replied
    “Thanks for getting back to me and I’m really sorry if the radio restart was unsuccessful. I understand how frustrating this is and I want to do everything I possibly can to help you. Here’s what I’ll need first…..Per GM policy, your vehicle has to be officially diagnosed before I can step in and pursue any type of cost assistance/goodwill for you. After a GM dealer has diagnosed your vehicle they should provide you with a repair order showing the diagnosis. I’ll need you to email me the repair order showing the diagnosis so I can attach it to a file I will create for you. I’ll also enter this data into my system, and work with the management of your dealer to determine what I can do to help you. I hope this helps. Thank you again for your email and I look forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!”
    I suggest we should all contact GM or Cadillac, so management aware. We have a choice to buy Lexus, but we choose Cadillac (American Product). Let them know we support USA made cars , but they’re better not turning their back to us.
    I use this link to contact them
    Have CUE fixed at Massey Cadillac (Dallas TX) under goodwill assistance for $179 total. My faith with Cadillac restored , I believed thank to this website and Facebook ( Finally, GM and Cadi know this is a defective product and they’re willing to take care the CUE.
    My car is 2013 SRX Lux with 61K miles. Make sure to contact them at
    and provide your VIN.
    Thank you CaddyJack

    1. Thank you Jessica for the information. Our 2014 CTS (with 81K miles) is out of warranty and I followed your advice. I will post what I hear back.

    2. Thanks for this information. I have a 2013 XTS and my CUE is starting to give me problems with the GPS. I am having the dealership evaluate the problem tomorrow and then I will take the necessary steps you have provided.

    3. Jessica, do you remember who you spoke with at Massey? I live outside of Dallas.
      I am just seeing this and I too am having problems with my 2014 Cadillac SRX CUE system.

  20. Hi, i woild appreciate any assistance on how to preform a hard reset for a 2017 ct6?
    I got the black screen issue. Thanks

    1. Did a hard reset and didn’t fix the problem. Disconnected neg cable on battery, reconnected, and CUE system works fine now

  21. I have a 2014 SRX. My CUE has been out for 2 years. They said that I would have to pay for for the labor, but my son told me to wait. I am trading this car in for the Lexus! I’ve always liked the GM line, but I’ve had enough. I have turned the radio on, pushed the button… didn’t work. I opened the faceplate and opened the door…didnt work. One dealership even tried to do the update, but you have to use the CUE on the last step. I earn my cars for free, so Lexus, here I come!

  22. I have a Cadillac CTS 2013. It has the same issue and the hard reset doesn’t work!! This is a joke!! We will be switching from Cadillac all together.

  23. Same. 2014 cts4. Lower area quit working. Now the whole screen is frozen. Tried the hard reset. Wouldn’t work. Pretty pathetic.

    1. Hard reset didn’t work. Disconnected then reconnected
      neg battery cable and CUE now works fine.

  24. Thanks for showing this! It didn’t work so It looks like I’ll be replacing the system…

  25. My SRX no longer responds to touching the cue screen. I tried the hard reboot etc. It didn’t work at all. Cadillac I am disappointed in you.

  26. I have a 2016 Cadillac xts platinum with 15.000 miles the cue system froze up twice but went back to being fine I have not had this car a year yet, was wondering if its covered under the bumper to bumper warranty and if this is gonna work itself out or does the cue system have to be replaced.

    1. Ouch that sucks David… it sounds like your CUE might be going out. Similar spurts of working and not working issues arise at the beginning of the malfunction. I’d take it into the dealership and see if they would take a look at it.

  27. 2013 SRX here…. Bottom screen not responsive. Dealership said hot weather is the reason. Hmm. Really? Cadillac you put something in a car that renders itself inoperable when exposed to heat? How is it that all the CUE systems in all the cars on hot, sunbaked dealership lots are working? Its been super hot here in Florida, not to mention the rest of the US. I am hugely disappointed and angry. You buy a Cadillac because of its reputation for being a solid vehicle. There is no way anyone should have to foot the bill on this! Cadillac, should have some decency and integrity and issue a recall! Safety IS an issue here! Eventually the whole screen goes out. Can’t use GPS, can’t use screen for phone, so now I’m back to grabbing it while I’m driving, the list goes on. I paid for this to work!!!! Flawlessly!!! You were rated a 10 on safety back in 2013 and now, well, you just failed.

  28. I just bought a used 2015 SRX with 29k miles. The Cue system is nonresponsive at times and the seat warmers kick on in high mode and wont turn off. Seems to right after touching the home button on the Cue or a touch for a menu button on the steering wheel. The touch screen is unresponsive at these times so the butt gets hot. I will be headed to cadillac dealer as soon as possible to have it looked at.

    1. Yes best advice take it to the dealership… it sounds like there may be an electrical short in the system.

  29. 2014 Cadillac luxury SRX Cue screen
    Stopped working. Have it on heater and can’t get to air conditioner. Going to dealership tomorrow. Hard reset would not work. Has 29,000 miles on it and warranty went out on 8-10-18

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