Cadillac CUE is not functioning

Recently I wrote a post about my Cadillac CUE not working on XTS. Well I stumbled across the video above and it seems like I’m not the only one with an issue. Below are a few other posts and Cadillac forums talking about similar issues people are having with their Cadillac CUE.

Over on Amazon they have an OEM Factory Integrated Navigation System for 2013-2014 Cadillac Cue Series.

Is this happening to you? Feel free to leave a comment below to let everyone else know what you are experiencing with your Cadillac CUE.

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  1. HA! I’m experiencing this same exact thing!!! it’s sad to see a luxury car have an issue such as this.

  2. I am having the same issue. I have a dead spot in the screen at bottom, right in the middle. And of course, this is the spot where the HVAC control is to have the air circulate at to the top (face). Since there is the dead spot, I am unable to select it. Perfect timing for summer. It is also the same location as my destination button for the navigation. Very frustrating!! I tried the reset which did not work. Called the dealership and of course the warranty is out. Estimate cost of repair is $1400!!!

    1. Yeah it sucks but, it seems like the only option is to go through the dealership or try to find an aftermarket CUE and have a local mechanic install it for you… but still searching for one on Amazon ( ) will run you $1k+ and that doesn’t include installation.

  3. I didn’t realize this was such a widespread issue until my CUE screen froze and I began searching online hoping to find a solution. After about an hour of research I can reasonably conclude
    1. The hard reset procedure offers 2 minutes of false hope followed by a moderate period of disillusionment and anger. (Yes you did it correctly)
    2. As usual, General Motors is laying low, offering sympathetic, marketing washed apologies in lieu of the corrective action their customers deserve.
    3. I paid for the technical wonder that Cue was promised to be but it has never even come close to living up to the pre sale hype. Now it appears my only recourse is to pay for it again at a cost of $1500.00. The fact that I’d undoubtedly enjoy a better outcome if I could just replace the whole mess with an iPad mini for about 25% of the estimated repair cost is not enhancing my disposition
    4. Somewhere deep in the shade of the corporate shadows of GM a Cadillac executive has been paid a nice bonus for skillfully ducking the divisions responsibility and bringing his business in under budget. Nice work!
    5. I will take care of the repair to restore normal functionality with the small-scale of satisfaction I’ll gain by vowing its the very last money GM will ever get from me.

    1. Ahhh yes I too didn’t know who else had the issues I was having with my CUE. (hence why I created the post about it) I recently traded in an Infiniti Q50 for my Cadillac XTS because the Q50 was having some crazy issues for being a new car. Not knowing there would be more problems with the purchase of my Cadillac. I also plan to have mine repaired/replaced with the contemplation of purchasing another Cadillac.

  4. Just reading about all the CUE problems and they seem to be that they freeze. Does anyone have a problem with screen is totally black and controls on steering wheel are off also. It is as if no power. I have checked fuses and relays and all are O.K.

    1. Today when I turned on the car the cue was totally black. The steering wheel controls work but no back up camera.

  5. Obviously this is an ongoing problem with many people experiencing the same thing. Just had hmi module replaced in 2015 srx, and still having problems. When will cadillac have a recall, or as suggested, maybe a class action suit is warranted.

  6. This has happened in my dads car. Went to The Cadillac dealership that it was purchased (Spartanburg Chevrolet ). He was told this happens often when the car hits 52k miles. The offer to fix it for $1300. They told him if he was the original owner they would help some but since he bought it used then no helps at all. By the way he HS had the car for less than 6 months. So beware when you go there! Would be great to find one car dealership that cares about customers as much as passing off unfit CERTIFIED USED CARS

  7. Our 2013 XTS4 is plagued with CUE navigation and XM malfunctions. The dealer says it is best to replace the entire system. The scope of this problem would seem a recall is appropriate. For 2 years we have also endured random security system failure messages that prevent vehicle start. I shudder to imagine how the supercruise will perform.

  8. 2013 XTS having same problem as everyone else. Middle of bottom row of Cue screen not functioning

  9. My 2014 XTS has the same problem…..CUE screen just stopped working. Got the same quote from dealer that it will be 1500 to replace. 800 for part and 700 for installation. Are you kidding me? If you watch the You Tube “How to replace the Cue screen”…it’s pretty complicated, for me, and does take a few tools I would have to buy. So disappointed in Cadillac.

  10. I’m having pretty much the same problem as everyone else. A 2014 XTS. YES we bought it used, but it had less than 3000 miles on it as I recall when we bought the car. A “certified” car (Ha!). Car now has just over 30,000 miles and I noticed last week the middle “buttons” at the bottom of the QUE screen don’t work. Car went in to dealer the following week cause it needed an oil change and figured they should look into the QUE as well. Well guess what, the same issue as everyone else, warranty stopped last October and therefore new part will cost me $1350 to replace. I think Cadillac better start figuring how many customers they can afford to lose if they don’t do something about this (like a factory service letter). They also need to figure the customers they will never get since I’m sure most of us they pissed off will not only tell others about the crappy quality of the QUE system, but the lousy way Cadillac supports their product. Just 30,000 miles on this car and it craps out just past the warranty – what a joke!

  11. MY touch screen is non responsive on my 2013 Cadillac SRX. My warranty ended November 2017. I have 62,000 km on the car. I called the Canadian Cadillac Customer Care Centre and spoke with an ‘Ambassador’. She stated “a Cadillac technician needs to determine what is the cause of the failure”. So, I did my due diligence and took it into dealership – $100 + HST for diagnostic – They can replace the ‘radio control assembly’ for $1,136.18 + tax. I can see the touch screen. I can hear the radio. I can even ask to change the radio station. Just the touch screen is non responsive. I see I’m not the only one with this issue. I feel GM should cover the cost.

    1. Same issue here. 2014 SrX 60,000 miles. Touch screen nonresponsive, yet I can navigate from my steering wheel.

  12. As it were on our 2014 SRX with less than 38K miles, the CUE decided to partially quit functioning. The climate touch portions seem to not like much of anything touching them. So its $159.95 to “Flash” the unit and $1600.00 if it has puked its guts!? Of course this is a Cadillac and to drive anything else is mundane? We had on 2004 DeVille and it didn’t have this problem. Much simpler dash board. So now we will see what happens next week when it goes in for service.

  13. Total GM family. 3 Silverado’s, a Sonic and my SRX Cadillac. And yes, the most expensive one is the one malfunctioning. Cue screen non responsive, like everyone else. Sorry to say with all the competition in this market with BMW, Lexus, Mercedes etc., GM has lost us. Had an Escalade and wish I never traded it in. Hate this SRX and now Cadillac.

  14. 2013 SRX when I first got it the CD player wouldn’t eject the CDs. Now the touch screens been broke for quite some time dealership says it would be at least $1,200 to fix. Very frustrating everyone said get a Cadillac such a high-class luxury car you’ll never regret. Well I do regert. It’s so frustrating!! I’ve had many a cars in my day and this has been one of the most disappointing vehicle.

  15. I have a 2015 Escalade and the radio goes crazy on its own and then freezes up. When I spoke to the dealer its out of warranty, they are surprised that Cadillac or Cue wont stand behind them.

  16. Wexford Mike May 26, 2017
    I am having the same problem with my 2014 XTS. Bottom center of the touch screen is not responding. I am not going to get if fixed. It is not worth the $1,500 to me.

  17. Glad to know I’m not alone on this. The first thing I noticed was for about a week, the middle radio station set on the Cue system kept changing to the same station as the first station to the left. Now the entire Cue keeps sticking then unsticking. Today, on the way in, it started saying “favorites cannot be set in this mode…ok.” What mode? Plus, all the set radio stations were wiped out except the station in the middle. Again, it turned into the station all the way to the left, but the station on the left was gone.

  18. 2014 SRX with just over 52k miles and the CUE system is frozen. Dealer and Cadillac refuse to pay for the $1400 repair. Looking into suing them in small claims.

  19. 2015 SRX with same issues with Que screen messing up. It is heartbreaking to have your dream car with a malfunction that costs well over $1,000, due to a manufacturing error that “they” refuse to acknowledge and fix. I doubt if I would purchase another Cadillac or recommend others to purchase one.

  20. Pathetic my XTS CUE is failin. My 2013 has 36000 miles on it. My sunroof had a leak and now this! Really Cadillac needs to fix the CUE in their cars. How could the public ever trust them again.

  21. My 2014 SRX just had a “freeze up” on the CUE just at 50,000 mile (warranty OUT). Tried the hard reset, no good.
    Looks like a class action is the best way to go. WAY too many owners with the same problem.
    The last Cadillac I’ll ever own!!

  22. Truly agree with you allI have the same problem, I will not by another Cadillac. I just Fixed mine cost me 140.00.
    Took about 3hrs to remove the system, put new screen on, then reinstall. I ordered from Cue screen systems

  23. I have the same problem with my screen freezing on and off. This is unacceptable as it controls all the features of the car (radio, AC, heat phone, navigation). There should be a recall with this many complaints!!!

  24. My Cue is not working either. With all of us complaining, there must be some type of recall available for a car that cost so much. I had hoped that after purchasing such a luxury car it would have lasted. I am so disappointed. By the way, it is not covered although I purchased the extended warranty.

  25. My Cue screen froze this morning on my 2014 CTS with only 36,000 miles. It’s ridiculous that Cadillac has not issued a recall on this issue with so many complaints. It is a potential safety issue.

    1. I have had the Cue screen replaced twice in my 2013 SRX. The second time it went bad was early Oct of 2019. The dealer called GM on my behalf and they were able to provide me with a new screen installed for $235. The service guy said they have replaced numerous screens on cars with the Cue. The majority of the issues are with the screen, not the entire unit.

  26. I have a 2014 ATS luxury, & the cue was fixed twice while it was under warranty, The Car just turned over to 13,000 miles yesterday. The radio stations don’t work, the heater only works on defrost or defrost and the floor and the GPS doesn’t work.

    1. That really sucks. I have a 2013 SRX and had the CUE replaced twice. I like this SUV and will get another one in a year. I recently bought an extended warranty from a third party. I made sure it covers the CUE.

  27. I have a 2014 ATS and the Cue touch screen stopped working. I’m shocked to see so many people have the same issue. Has anyone been successfully recently to have just the screen replaced and if so how much was it. I’m told it could cost over 2K to replace the whole unit.

  28. There are over 40 complaints shown above, and I am sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Are any of you lawyers who could take this on as a class action suit, or whatever, with those impacted contributing to the cost?
    The CUE requires no owner-maintenance, and, to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing that the owner could do to cause this problem. As one contributor noted, this is a safety issue,. This is clearly a design flaw. Cadillac needs to be held accountable!

  29. Just bought a 2013 Cadillac SRX with only 39,000 miles on it. I really thought I hit the jackpot. Such a nice luxury vehicle. Only a couple days of ownership and the CUE does not work correctly. Apparently I’m not the only one. So now I’m thinking of trading this POS back in. And while I’m bitchin about it, the SRX has bad blind spots.

  30. I replaced my alternator on my CRS 2012 3.6 engine
    After that my car shock will not come back to level how do you correct this problem

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