How to find Cadillac Recalls, Issues and Complaints

Cadillac Issues

Are you having an issue with your Cadillac? Does it have to do with the CUE, electronics, suspension, mechanical or anything else? Here are several resources to check out and submit your problem or to express your issue.

If you know of any other sites that would be useful in the list above simply leave a comment below and I’ll add it to the list.

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  1. Same issues with frozen CUE and webbed panel.
    I just spoke to a costumer representative gave me a complain number.
    Cadillac must pay for this issue is on their end. Cadillac recall CUE.

    1. how do i find out about a recall on the cue issue…….thank you semper fi,,,,,,gdouglas

      1. I don’t think there is a recall on the Cadillac CUE that I know of… however, if you contact them directly you’ll be able to get a better insight about the CUE issues.

    2. 2013 ATS AWD
      CUE froze and screen splintered. Tried the dealer route contacting Cadillac. $1,300 cost, but Cadillac was so nice to chip in $156.00. This was my first and will be my last American car. I thought I’d try a Cadillac after being a German car buyer for 33 years. Boy, was I ever wrong. The ability of GM “wiping their hands clean” of this issue when the CUE system should have been recalled is similar to Congress looking the other way at the President’s ill behavior.

      Cadillac, you suck.

  2. I have the same problem with my 2013 XTS. The CUE just plain quit and needs something to make it work. I have only 10,400 miles on my var and now it doesn’t work. What kind of a car is Cadillac anyway? This is my first one and I’m not impressed.

  3. Same issue with my 2013 Cadillac SRX. The CUE just quit working. I can’t change channels, control the heat or A/C or any other functions. I have 51,000 miles. This too is my first Cadillac and I do not care for it.

  4. I am the owner of a 2015 SRX cadillac and the cue screen started freezing up on me. This is my first cadillac and I am dissapointed to see so many other owners having the same issue. My car has 41k miles on it and not sure if this is still covered under the bumper to bumper warranty. Any help will be appreciated. PS….we do have an appointment with the cadillac dealership servce center however they will be charging us $100 to diagnose the problem. So dissapointed!

  5. I also have a problem with the Cue system being frozen up, I have a 2015 XTS, with 18457 miles, Cadillac definitely needs to do something about this issue, I cannot believe all the complaints I have just read on the Cue system, what is Cadillac thinking? We have driven Cadillac’s for twenty years and this is the first time I have had problems, is Cadillac slacking in production? I refuse to pay $1200.00 for a fix on the Cue system, I will trade this car off for a Lexus or something else. Cadillac at one time was the top of the line in vehicles and to have this many complaints and do nothing about it, is unbelievable.

  6. I am the owner of a 2013 SRX Cadillac (62k miles) and the CUE screen started freezing up
    How do I file the complaints about defective CUE

    1. I have a 2013 Cadillac SRX having problem with the Que it is frozen Just stop working how do file for defective Que

  7. You can add me to the list of disgruntled Cadillac owners. My 2014 XTS started to have lower CUE buttons malfunction one month after the warranty expired. I decided to not spend the $1200 to fix the screen at the time. Yesterday with only 50,152 miles, my screed developed the spider look in the upper right quarter of the screen. I now will have get the CUE replaced. Time will tell what Key Cadillac in Edina, Minnesota will do to support my request to have this product replaced.

  8. 2013 SRX – Bad Que
    I will opt to spend the $1200 on an upgrade to Lexus, BMW etc.
    Cadillac needs to resolve a known problem with a timely recall/fix.

    Todays consumer is easily informed to brand problems, consumer complaints and how corporations take care of the issues. Take heed not Greed.

  9. 2013 Cadillac ATS owner here! The touchscreen on my CUE does not respond to my touch/demands! Less than 60,000 miles! I am NOT happy at all!!!! I bought the Cadillac because of the Luxury options and I am left with frustration!!
    Do the right thing Cadillac/ General Motors!!!

  10. I’m a 2013 Cadillac ATS owner and have replaced the cue systems once in 2015 due to it not responding to touch in the bottom area of the screen; fast forward to 2018 and experience the same issue and more, it started with not responding to touch on the bottom area of the screen, spider lines progressing from the bottom left corner, to now completely unresponsive to touch, and of course the repair/part warranty from the first replacement has expired. I refuse to replace the cue system for a second time. I’m looking to purchase a Lexus RC 300. This is just one of a few problems I’ve had with this vehicle and customer service with GM is subpar.
    Brittnii from Dayton, OH.

  11. My screen did the same thing. Bottom buttons didn’t work when I bought it but I didn’t know any better because this is my first touch screen. Then the spider lines from the top left corner to the bottom left corner started. Now it’s frozen up and won’t do anything. Cadillac needs to do a RECALL on this!

  12. Have a 2014 Cadillac Cts the Cue has been acting up and now it is completely frozen, I have tried all of the hard resets and nothing works. I am so disappointed paid so much money for this car. I previously had a 2004 Cadillac Cts should of kept that car it was so much better this one has been in the repair facility several times in just a few years. Considering reading all of the complaints why are they not doing a recall on the CUE obvious it has issues.

  13. My letter to GM , I bought my srx at CADILLAC OF KNOXVILLE two years ago thinking I was getting a premium car but a month ago the cue system quit working so I get online to see if there is a fix for it and I see hundreds of similar complaints for cue not working , I gave a lot of money for this car and did not expect this , seems to me you should issue a recall on this problem , but mean while I`m asking you for help replacing my cue system , your help would be much appreciated and would continue mine and everyones faith in cadillac……………………. thanks Larry Ogle

    1. Last year in June 2018 my screen went and the dealership contacted GM since it was under warranty! GM went back and forth with dealership and the Factory rep had to see the screen before the would do anything . That was a week, GM oked and then GM sends the wrong part so another week, finale got it in and installed. again another problem with the software . Total the car spent 2 1/2 weeks in shop because of the screen That was 38000 miles now out of warranty and 63500 same problem last year. Now GM will not warranty the screen and is going to cost me between 1350 and 1500 dollars , I not happy. I am thinking on filling a law suite for less than 2500.00 in small claims court for there problem last year. It appears there is a major problem with there new Gen . ts. Here comes Ford, Dodge or any other Auto. NO GM PRODUCTS

  14. This is the second time by CUE has failed on my 2013 SRX . First time was just over 50,000 miles and dealership took care of the cost. Now a year and half later at 66,000 it went out again!!!

  15. this is the second time by cue has failed on my 2014 srx.first time was 2016 they took care of and now 2018 went out again they wanna $1600

  16. My 2013 Cadillac ATS Cue Infotainment system touchscreen is non-responsive, dealership says it will cost $1400.00 to replace the unit. Car has less than 50k miles on it and is garage kept all the time. I am out of warranty and do not have the money to replace the Cue System. I always wanted a Cadillac and this is my first one, I am very disappointed thought it would be a much more reliable vehicle. IS there any help out there to replace the unit, should be recalled seems everyone is having this problem.

  17. Hey, I bought my SRX at Steven Creeks two years ago and was very happy for getting a premium car. But been facing issues every now on then. Sometimes with AFL, sometime with CUE, and other times with unexpected noises from engine. Right now getting too much frustrated with service AFL and CUE freezing. I tried searching online solution but to my surprise have seen plenty of similar complaints for cue not working. Never expect this from a company like Cadillac, as this is my favorite car. Could you please help replacing my cue system, and continue to prove cadillac being my favorite..

  18. Many frustrated owners of Cadillac Cue system. I have a 2013 SRX. My Cue was replaced a couple years ago. I can tell my screen is starting to shade at the bottom. I have only owned GMC , Ford or Chrysler products. I am wondering if I may have to switch to Japanese autos or Korean. Very maddening that Cadillac has not fessed up to this wide spread continuing problem.!

    1. Same problem with my SRX 2014. They replaced it once and went out again and they told me that my warranty expired and I would have to pay over $1,000 dollars to get it fixed. I just found all these complaints and calling them again….now the glass has creaked.

  19. My 2014 XTS with less than 30,000 miles has the same problem I’m hearing about with other CUE systems. Right now the bottom 3 middle buttons are not working. It is slowly creeping up the screen. I can no longer use the left tuning arrow. I’m scared the system will start spider-webbing soon like it has for other owners. I’m seriously considering trading it in, and it won’t be for another Cadillac if this problem isn’t corrected. I have tried recalibrating and a hard reset. Neither worked. This is my third Cadillac, and I never had any problems with the others. Cadillac needs to fix this. I don’t consider my luxury package to be very luxurious when the stereo doesn’t work properly.

  20. Just got off the phone with Cadillac. They have already replaced my 2015 ATS touch screen three times (twice under warranty and once with me paying labor only). Since the last replacement was more than 12 months ago, I have to take the vehicle back to the dealer for them to decide if I qualify for the financial assistance to replace the unit. In the past, the dealer has acted like I did something to the unit, so I am relieved to see that I’m not the only one. At this rate, there should be a more standard protocol to make the repairs or upgrades.

  21. Just wanted to chime in and say that I have a 2013 ATS and am experiencing the same behavior where my CUE has become unresponsive. (grrrrrrr)

  22. I too have a 2015 Cadillac SRX Luxury with a CUE screen problem. Bottom middle does not work. This is ridiculous how many complaints there are and STILL Cadillac does nothing! Very annoying!!!

  23. I have a 2013 Cadillac SRX having problem with the Que it is frozen Just stop working how do file for defective Que

  24. Well I guess I’ll join the “cue” and relate the same issue with my Cue system. Can still access non-programmed stations with the steering wheel and voice controls. Sheesh!

  25. 2013 ATS Luxury Premium with all the bells and whistles but my radio and maps system doesn’t function because the touchscreen isn’t responsive. If I turn the radio on, it has a mind of its own and begins selecting different stations and adding random favorites constantly.

    This is my first and last Cadillac. I was always told they were good, reliable cars – turns out modern Cadillac’s are in fact not. Seems like another case of planned obsolescence.

  26. I have a 2014 SRX having problem with CUE screen. Non responsive and starting to spider crack! It has 51,000 miles. This should definitely be recalled!

  27. 2015 SRX, same issue, started at the bottom of the screen not working and then entire screen frozen, Just spent $1500 to fix, very unhappy with my first Cadillac, sad that they won’t stand behind their defective products. Just out of warranty and new CUE only warranted for one year- looks like I have one year to dump this vehicle quick. Wish I would have known before purchasing. Any info on a class action lawsuit?

  28. 2015 ATS with 40k and the CUE is acting up. Cadillac should recall the CUE system for replacement——man up and do it right.

  29. I have a 2014 SRX with only 35,000 miles and a non-responsive screen-totally frozen. Tried some of the suggestions for unfreezing but did not work. No access to the navigation at all. Thankfully, the radio can be controlled from the steering wheel and the manual buttons do work. I hit the Home button and that’s where the screen stays-totally frozen. Will be taking it in to the dealer but after reading all the comments and past experiences, I am not optimistic. Very disappointed!!

  30. My 2013 SRX is experiencing this CUE issue – all touchscreen functions are frozen. Thank you all for your comments … I’m going to try the reset first then most likely go down the road the same as everyone else. This is my second SRX and I love the car. But, this is disappointing!

  31. We have a 2018 CTS – same thing: CUE. Our Navigation just spins and spins when on certain User Profiles. Given song and dance from dealership, and now have just sent email to a VP at GM asking for help. Depending upon response (IF i even receive on), this WILL be our last Cadillac and possibly LAST GM period. WIll be interesting to see if I even get a response.

  32. I have a 2013 XRS. The dealer replaced one screen under warranty. It is now doing the same thing. It automatically has changed 4 or 5 presets to the same Sirius channel. It does not respond to manual attempts.

  33. 2016 ATS L. Frozen screen with warning about looking at road, not screen. Come on! Did Caddy ever recall?

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