Cadillac CUE Dead with a Black Screen

Is your CUE going black and is unable to work by touch, like in the video above? Have you tried this simple fix; disconnect the negative terminal from your battery, wait a minute then reconnect it and try again? Has this worked for anyone with this issue?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you’ve had this issue or if the “simple fix” mentioned above has worked for you. If you know of another fix for the black screen CUE then you can leave that too.

4 Replies to “Cadillac CUE Dead with a Black Screen”

    1. Black CUE screen. Disconnected neg battery cable for one minute, then reconnected cable and CUE system worked fine.

  1. CUE is black screen. The full actions seem to work but no screen. Hoping it will work in the morning or will try disconnecting the battery.

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