Cadillac CUE Dead with a Black Screen

Is your CUE going black and is unable to work by touch, like in the video above? Have you tried this simple fix; disconnect the negative terminal from your battery, wait a minute then reconnect it and try again? Has this worked for anyone with this issue?

Feel free to leave a comment below if you’ve had this issue or if the “simple fix” mentioned above has worked for you. If you know of another fix for the black screen CUE then you can leave that too.

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    1. Black CUE screen. Disconnected neg battery cable for one minute, then reconnected cable and CUE system worked fine.

  1. CUE is black screen. The full actions seem to work but no screen. Hoping it will work in the morning or will try disconnecting the battery.

  2. Good Morning All,

    I just like many of you have had the same issue. Black screen, Controls working but all blacked out.
    Came across a video stating that the best fix for this is to unplug the battery located in the trunk of the vehicle.
    I have a 2014 Cadillac ATS and followed these instructions:

    Unplug negative terminal.
    Leave unplugged for 2 minutes.
    Plug back in.

    This for some reason restarted the system and when I turned on my vehicle everything was working fine.
    I am no mechanic, so I cant explain the “Why?!?! or HOW?!?”
    I just wanted to make these threads aware in the hopes this keeps anyone from spending thousands of dollars on a fix .

    Good luck and Drive Safe!!!

  3. i have tried this remove the negative battery wire but cue touch screen still dead not working have any other way ?

  4. Yes it worked. My battery went dead jumped car. No she screen tried multiple resets. Disconnected negative restarted car all came back

  5. Thank you for the tip.
    My battery went dead (self inflicted) and after i charged it my CUE screen was black. I attempted hard resets to no avail. Disconnecting the negative terminal for 2 minutes, reconnecting, solved the issues. Functioning perfectly now.

  6. Unplugging the negative terminal for 2 minutes worked for me! All in working order now thankfully.

  7. You guys are AWESOME!!!
    I unhooked the negative battery cable as suggested, waited for about a minute, reconnected, and it reset.
    Thank you all for saving me $$$$

  8. Worked on my ‘16 Escalade ESV. The blank screen started after jumping a dead battery. The hard reset option didn’t work for me. Glad I found this post!

  9. I have a 2013 XTS and my CUE screen went dead after a particularly cold spell. It was below zero for a week straight. I fugured the screen would come back after it warmed up. No such luck! Took it to a local dealer and they said my radio and f-player?? were bad and needed to be replaced for $1,145.

    Unhooked the positive battery cable for about 15 seconds and reconnected while car was off. All display, dash lights, even radio presets came back immediately! Called the dealer and they said it would happen again. We’ll see how long this lasts. I can disconnect the battery several times for freeQ

  10. Same issues with my 2013 XTS CUE, will try the negative cable technique, when I asked
    the GM technical people about the disconnect cable process, they said if I did that
    I’d have to reprogram all my remote keys and bluetooth, did that happen to any of you guys?

    Thanks , Barry

  11. Let me join in . It works !!! I have a 2013 XTS . I had to get a jump last night and when I got my car started cue screen was totally black . I went to the Cadillac dealer this morning and not only could they not give me an appointment until late next week, they were gonna charge me 150 bucks just to look at it . I came home , and after searching the internet, I unhooked the negative battery cable for 2 minutes as instructed, and to my surprise and delite, my Cue is working perfectly !!! I am so happy !!!!!

  12. I own a 2006 Cadillac XLR. Replaced the battery and the AC/Climate control screen went totally black and inoperative. After reading this forum, I disconnect the negative terminal for 2 minutes and reinstalled. Worked like a charm and I’m back in business!

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