Cadillac CUE Internal Peeling Issues, Defects and Scratches

Cadillac CUE Issues

Has anyone else had any screen cracking issues with their Cadillac CUE? However, the screen cracking I’m trying to explain is not the regular screen cracking you may be thinking of… It’s as if the screen is spider web cracking / separating from the inside of the CUE.

A bit ago I posted about other Cadillac CUE issues such as Touch Screen Not Working as well as how to hard reset your CUE.

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  1. Mines is the same way. It keeps spreading more and now the touch screen isn’t working. Can’t afford $1,500 to have it replaced.

    1. it’s such a shame that it’s happening to multiple Cadillac’s… it’s obviously something faulty with the system.

  2. My wife has a 2013 ATS and her cue started doing the same thing two weeks ago. As of yesterday, the entire screen became unresponsive. I contacted the Cadillac dealer and their response was, “we are sorry but you need a new cue and it will be $1,360”. I am disgusted that a four year old Cadillac has this recurring issue.
    To make matters worse, I also own a Cadillac Escalade and one and one-half years ago the struts needed replacement so they were replaced for $2,000. Two weeks ago the Escalade wasn’t riding correctly… needed new struts…another $2,000.
    Once upon a time Cadillac was a reputable car with a quality name. I have come to the realization that Cadillac is an overpriced brand with major parts and service issues. I will no longer purchase a Cadillac and will strongly discourage anyone considering it.

  3. Yesterday my 2014 XTS screen developed the same issue with the cue screen. This is clearly a known product defect that Cadillac should be addressing. Cars that are less than 5 years old should not have these issues. This is my first and the last Cadillac that I will ever own.

  4. i have this same problem on my 2016 Cadillac XTS how can i stop further damage and how can i fix this problem.

  5. I just bought a used 2016 ATS with very low miles. Have had it a week, this just happened yesterday. It’s still under warranty so I’m assuming this is covered. Dealer adviser scheduled me for a loaner Monday and ordered one to replace – didn’t mention anything about cost.

  6. Is this an effect of the adjacent air vents maybe? Mine happened exactly when I noticed that the left side air vent adjacent to the CUE screen was closed but AC was pumping. When I opened the air vent, then turned back to change my radio BOOM! There is was.

  7. The touchscreen on my 2014 STX with less than 12,000 miles on it just cracked yesterday while I was away on business. It was 5 days out of warranty. There is no way I’m paying $1500 to fix this what is a known issue and is all over the Cadillac forums. Anyone interested in filing a class action suit let me know.

    1. yes i am old car guy from way back i know a faulty component when i see one unless there is big number of complaints old government motors will not listen

  8. My 2015 SRX CUE screen started spiderwebbing a couple weeks ago after a shot of cold weather. Purchased it used in Jan 2018 and now have about 58K on it. I contacted infotainment at Cadillac by email. They requested a diagnosis at a Cadillac service center. Within 24 hours of my contact with service center I had a call advising I would be getting a new CUE at no cost and I would need to pay for install labor. I’m taking the deal. So, email infotainment and see what happens.

    1. Hello J Clement,
      Do you happen to have the contact email you used for infotainment at Cadillac? I would like to go through the same process as you being my screen is cracked just as everyone mentioned in this forum. Please let me know if anyone else on here is starting a class action lawsuit and I’d be happy to join assuming there is no restriction with buying the car from a private party??
      Any help around this would be greatly appreciated and I’ll be happy to take any action on my side I can.
      Thank you,

  9. This just happened to my 2014 SRX Cadillac Cue screen. Two months out of warranty. $1,600 bill to replace. Yes I am interested in class action.

  10. Last week this happened on my 2013 Cadillac ATS. I bought the car preowned under warranty and have only owned it a year. An inside portion of the screen delaminated on a hot afternoon and started spider web cracking on the one side. I did notice that when It is cooler outside like early morning the screen starts to relaminate itself. By late in the day when it is hot the spider webbing on the inside reappears on the one side. My car is out of the bumper to bumper warranty so no coverage by Cadillac. My husband is a auto mechanic by trade so we are on our own fixing this. I have been warned to stick with OEM screens to replace and to not buy the cheap Chinese imports. So far the least expensive screen I have found is $399 plus shipping which is OEM and includes the proximity sensors. We would do the install ourselves. I have read that this is a known defect thorough Cadillac across all models with the CUE system. You would think Cadillac would issue a recall to replace on there dime. If anyone knows where you can find a replacement screen for less that is OEM please let me know.

    1. Update. After some research I was able to find a new OEM touch screen replacement on EBAY not made in China through the seller Meerkite, Inc. Total cost with shipping was just over $200. It arrived Saturday 6/23 and my husband had it installed on Sunday 6/24. It was a little tedious to install and took my husband about an hour from start to finish. This product has the proximity sensors and works as it should. I took before and after photos and will be sending them along with the receipt for money spent to Cadillac with a letter.

  11. 2014 XTS, very hot in the northeast US this weekend, after about 5 minutes driving with the AC on saw the spider web in the right lower corner of the CUE screen. Car warranty expired last week…fortunately I purchased an extended warranty from the dealer so I assume I’m covered but agree this should be a recall or class-action case. I never had this problem with my Lexus!

  12. Same problem with my 2016 srx happend, if still under warranty does anyone know if they cover the replacement?

    1. If you’re under warranty the Cadillac dealership will replace your CUE at-least when I went to have mine replaced with the “extended warranty” there was no cost for replacement.

  13. I have similar issue in a 2015 Caddy ATS. No way am I paying $1500 to fix this. This is a manufacturer defect and needs to be recalled. Need to start a class action lawsuit.

  14. I have the same problem, came out to my car and noticed spider web in corner of screen and now seems to be spreading. Called dealer.
    I have never seen this happen before.
    Wondering if it was caused by the extreme heat.

  15. Got in my 2017 Cadillac CTS today & same thing. Will call dealer tomorrow. Cadillac better have a recall for this issue !!

  16. In 2018, We had our Cue Screen replaced in our 2016 Cadillac SRX.
    In 2021 it stopped working again.
    Cadillac ignoring my calls of wanting them to take responsibility for faulty screens. GM says no more assistance in screen replacements.

  17. This happened to me as well and thought it was the adjacent vent. However when I called the dealer I was told there hasn’t been a recall and the cost would be anywhere btwn $1000 to $1500. Does anyone have the email to contact Cadillac directly at infotainment?? Thanks

  18. Hi Guys I’m having the same issue with my 2014 CTS Cadillac should have a re-call on this CUE Screen GM has to be aware of this faulty screen and t should not be dumped into the consumer’s pocket to replace this defect in their Cadillac my dealer-ship say’s that my extended warranty won’t cover it. Your kidding me!!! then why aim l paying for this extended warranty ?

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