What is the Cadillac User Experience CUE?

Cadillac CUE

CUE ultimately stands for the Cadillac User Experience (CUE). Which is known as the highly customizable entertainment, communication and navigation system. The CUE allows you to navigate, play music, find contacts, get hands-free text messages and download additional select applications.

These communication and entertainment tools are used to keep the driver connected with a simple touch or voice commands. To learn more about the Cadillac CUE simply head on over to the Cadillac website to get the latest information.

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  1. My cadillac user experience has been that the CUE infotainment system totally crapped out at 28K miles on my 2015 SRX. My CUE failure symptoms are very similar to many other user complaints on the CUE system so this cannot be news to GM Cadillac. This car is used infrequently as my big SUV is what I drive daily and on long trips. My wife uses this SRX primarily to go to the beauty shop or to the nearby beach or art galleries. Its a garage car and hardly shows any wear after 4+ years. I am taking this in to the dealers next week and expect to be told it will cost me 1200-1500 to fix. If I had 50-75K hard miles on this car I would not be so upset. This is a known defect and I would have expected a service-oriented company to fix it– at least to replace the part and charge nominal labor . I was going to buy a large new GM suv next year to replace my workhorse suv but I have reopened my search to include other cpmpanies.

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