Is there a Recall for the Cadillac CUE?

CUE Recall

Are you wondering if there is a recall for your Cadillac CUE? As far as I know there isn’t a recall on the Cadillac CUE however, feel free to use the websites below to check out if there is any other recalls for your Cadillac:

If your Cadillac CUE is frozen, has a black screen the you may want to follow these steps to perform a hard rest on the Cadillac CUE.

8 Replies to “Is there a Recall for the Cadillac CUE?”

  1. No recall – No need. Cadillac will replace the unit at the dealership. Easier to replace it than expose dirty laundry. Having my Cadillac Cue replaced today for $100 and change.

    1. Where did you have it replaced – dealership where I bought my 2016 SRX says $1300

  2. I brought my 2015 srx to the cadillac dealer last week. They want to charge me $1200 to replace screen. I only have 36,000 miles on the car but the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty is out. Can you please let me know how you got Cadillac to agree to this? Thanks so much for any guidance! Dara

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