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Cadillac XTS – Rear Window Roof Spoiler

(Photo: Credits) The Cadillac rear window roof spoiler shown above are made from high quality polyurethane rubber (flexible) material and will sit flush against the edge of the windshield or trunk of the vehicle. This rear window roof spoiler fits the Cadillac XTS 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. The Cadillac XTS […]

Performance Chip for Cadillac XTS

Increase Horsepower and MPG! – The DPT1 Performance Chip for your Cadillac XTS is designed to increase Horsepower, Torque and improve your fuel economy! The DPT1 is equipped with a proprietary algorithm which adjusts to your driving style & climate, then optimizes your fuel maps for maximum efficiency! Designed to […]

Cadillac XTS 3.6L – Authentic Magnum Performance Chip

Are you looking to do any of the following for your Cadillac XTS? 1. Improve engine horsepower by 15% 2. Improve low-end and mid-range torque 3. Pep up acceleration 4. Improve fuel economy by up to 6% 5. Smooth out throttle response Chip modifies signals being read by the ECU, […]

Cadillac Racing Performance Parts – Performance Chip

(Photo: Credits) The Perfomance Chip Tuning Module is designed to maximize the power or economy from your vehicles current setup. The Performance Module will work with a completely stock vehicle or with modified vehicles. Its easy to install, fully reversible, and in most cases requires no cutting or modification of […]

Thermal Cover – Cold Air Short Ram Intake Pipe

Colder air equals more horsepower. This Air Intake Heat Wrap helps protect your intake air from under hood heat, while providing a stylish look keeping your engine bay looking clean. Covers are 7 inches long (178mm). Fits up to 4 inch (102mm) diameter air intake pipe For longer intakes please […]

SickSpeed – Cable Zip Ties Exhaust Pipe Header for Cadillac XTS

(Photo: Credits) Zip ties from Sickspeed – Perfect for securing heat wrap or anything else in high temperature environments. The Stainless Steel Cable Zip Ties are 300mm long by 5mm wide and come with a total of 5 ties as seen in picture. The 5 piece black 12″ Stainless Steel […]

High Flow Catalytic Converter Cadillac XTS Vsport

(Photo: Credits) Magnum High flow converters increase the engine horsepower, throughout the RPM range. HP-gain is noticeable at the wheels besides becomes exponentially larger as further modifications are made to the engine, such as cold intake, performance chip or a catback. Torque in general, the power you feel in the […]