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Turbo Manifold Exhaust Thermal Wrap Tape & Stainless Ties

(Photo: Credits) Heat wraps from Sickspeed. This high-end heat wrap is perfect for wrapping your headers, manifolds, turbos, and may other applications. Keep harmful heat in its place with these colorful wraps. This item is 2″ wide x 1/16″ deep x 50′ long. 5 stainless steel zip ties are included […]

Thermal Cover – Cold Air Short Ram Intake Pipe

Colder air equals more horsepower. This Air Intake Heat Wrap helps protect your intake air from under hood heat, while providing a stylish look keeping your engine bay looking clean. Covers are 7 inches long (178mm). Fits up to 4 inch (102mm) diameter air intake pipe For longer intakes please […]