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Performance Chip for Cadillac XTS

Increase Horsepower and MPG! – The DPT1 Performance Chip for your Cadillac XTS is designed to increase Horsepower, Torque and improve your fuel economy! The DPT1 is equipped with a proprietary algorithm which adjusts to your driving style & climate, then optimizes your fuel maps for maximum efficiency! Designed to […]

SickSpeed – Cable Zip Ties Exhaust Pipe Header for Cadillac XTS

(Photo: Credits) Zip ties from Sickspeed – Perfect for securing heat wrap or anything else in high temperature environments. The Stainless Steel Cable Zip Ties are 300mm long by 5mm wide and come with a total of 5 ties as seen in picture. The 5 piece black 12″ Stainless Steel […]

High Flow Catalytic Converter Cadillac XTS Vsport

(Photo: Credits) Magnum High flow converters increase the engine horsepower, throughout the RPM range. HP-gain is noticeable at the wheels besides becomes exponentially larger as further modifications are made to the engine, such as cold intake, performance chip or a catback. Torque in general, the power you feel in the […]