How to Replace the Cadillac CUE Touchscreen

So the CUE on your Cadillac is either extremely scratched up or it is spider webbed from de-lamination cause by extreme heat. Either way you’re probably looking to replace it with a new one so you can get your functionality back to normal.

The steps to replace the Cadillac CUE screen can be found on the following videos:

  • How to fix a Cadillac Cue Screen. Step by Step – Video
  • 2016 Cadillac SRX Cue digitizer touch screen screen replacement – Video
  • How to swap CUE screen after module is removed from vehicle – Video
  • Cadillac CUE Radio – Easy Removal for Touch Screen Repair – Video
  • How to Remove Radio / Navigation / Touch Screen from Cadillac XTS – Video

Here are a few Cadillac CUE replacement screens that can be used to bought for a reasonable price:

  • Touch Screen for Cadillac CUE for an ATS, CTS, SRX, XTS – $80.00
  • OEM Cadillac CUE TouchSense Replacement Touch Screen – $139.95
  • New Touch Screen Display for 2013-2017 Cadillac ATS, CTS, SRX, XTS – $75.99
  • Touch Screen Display for 2013-2017 Cadillac – $58.88
  • Touch Screen Display Navigation LCD Panel for 2013-2016 Cadillac – $169.00

Note that you need to make sure that the screen you buy is for your correct model and year of Cadillac.

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