Cadillac Automatic Trans is Hard Shifting into Gear

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So I was having an issue with my Cadillac XTS where the transmission felt as if it were shifting hard into gear. The issue started off as a slight jerk when I’d let off the gas pedal as I’d slow down at a stop sign or red light. In addition to that it would also happen when my Cadillac would shift from park to drive.

Here is how I somewhat fixed the sluggish, jerk / hard shift in the transmission; I took my Cadillac to the dealership and had the transmission fluid replaced. However, that only fixed the issue a little bit. I’m still dealing with the hard shifting from park to drive. I did a little research and I’ve found that I may need to replace the engine/motor mounts

Has this happened to anyone else? Did you experience a hard jerk or shift into gear? If this has happened to you feel free to leave a message below and let others know how you’ve fixed the problem.

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  1. This same thing happened to my Cadillac! It ended up being the CV joints. Took it to the local mechanic and had them replaced and it fixed my issue. Hopefully that’s all it is with your Cadillac. Good Luck!

  2. Hi I recently purchased a 2016 Cadillac ats 2.0t.
    I’m having issues already. Seems like the car is bucking going into gear. Also coming to a stop like braking.. it bucks just once. I’m so confused. I brought it to cadillac test drive it with a mechanic manager. He said all the issues is normal. OF COURSE:/
    He said the buck is because it’s a 2.0 t engine.
    Started my car this morning usually I give it time to warm up. Late for I had to drive it..the bucking was even harder..? Maybe because the engine was cold. I am a girl yes but I’m also not dumb. This bucking issue doesnt seem NORMAL. Can anyone HELP =/

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