My Cadillac CUE Replacement Cost

Cadillac Cue

My CUE replacement update! Recently I went to the dealership to have my Cadillac CUE replaced. I scanned the invoice to share with others how much it was to replace the CUE (if I paid in full). As you can see in the photo above the part was $950 and the labor was $335.71 totaling out to be $1,285.71 with everything.

When I purchased my Cadillac XTS I made sure that I purchased the extended warranty that was offered for times like these. The extended warranty I went through to get my repairs was called the Route 66 extended warranty. This extended warranty paid for the replacement part in full! I didn’t have to pay for anything… no parts or labor! I would highly recommend the Route 66 extended warranty to anyone buying a used Cadillac.

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  1. The CUE on my 2013 ATS died. The dealership did the diagnosis and determined it will need to be replaced, at a cost of $1500. Thank goodness I got the extended warranty from GMPP (Major Guard) 4 years, 48k. The are covering the replacement cost minus my $100 deductible. Once my extended warranty is expired, I will either trade in the car or renew the warranty, no having a car these days without a warranty, repairs are just to expensive.

  2. i got a 2015 cadillac srx.cue screen has spider cracks.went to cue,found a after market install shop.the out yhe door price is ………$ 450.00. .
    sounds good,the location of the repair shop may be an issue.just think what would happen if you went to the dealer.$$$$$$$.

  3. I have got car shield and I recommend them to any and everybody they are replacing my Cue at no cost to me car seat has been good for any and all my repairs it has never been an issue about the cost if the dealer says I need it they do it car shield is great

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