How to access the USB port on a Cadillac ATS, CTS, XTS

Are you trying to locate the USB port on your Cadillac ATS, CTS or XTS? It’s in a fairly simple location to reach… Simple watch the video above to see where it is located on your Cadillac. Mostly all the Cadillac’s from 2014 and up should have the USB in or around the same area of the Cadillac.

Here are some various phone and electronic chargers to consider using on your Cadillac USB port:

  • Charging Cable for Skullcandy Air Raid – USB Charger (25 Feet) – $12.99
  • USB to MINI B Adaptor Cable – $7.18
  • USB Cable Android, Family 6-Pack (1ft, 4ft, 6ft) – $9.99

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