Cadillac XTS ATS 5 Button Smart Proximity Remote Key

cadillac key

This is a 5 button smart key, with proximity features for the 2010-2015 Cadillac XTS and ATS. You must be sure your remote has the FCC#Nbg009768t. If you open your remote like you’re changing the battery, the FCC# is in there. You must be sure your SRX has push button start. You can check your owners manual for instructions. You most likely will have to take this to an automotive locksmith or dealer.

This remote has been unlocked and restored to it’s original factory settings and is able to be reprogrammed to your SRX. Please match your FCC#Nbg009768t, it must match or it won’t program. This will come with an uncut emergency key that needs to be cut to match your existing key.

Part# 22856930
FCC# Nbg009768t

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