Cadillac Seat Cover / Protector Towel

Seat Cover

Do you need a seat cover / protector towel like the one shown in the image above? This protective seat towel is superior quality, plush and soft for a comfortable feel. It is easily installed in seconds and removed in seconds, effortlessly folded and stored away.

Machine washable, durable; one size fits most and is perfect for pets, use under baby seats to prevent damage to seats, great to use after the beach, gym, or after yoga, running or tennis. Note that the seat towel may slip out of place after sitting so adjust accordingly, straps are not included on the bottom of towel due to potential airbag deployment issues.

This 100% cotton terry/ velour sear auto seat cover will fit over any car headrest and fit comfortably over the car seat, protecting your car seat upholstery from stains, dust and perspiration, helping you keep your car seats looking like brand-new.

This would make a great gift or Cadillac accessory and can be found over on Amazon for around $31.40 with the option of Prime.

Brand: Seat Armour
Item model number: SA100CADT

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