Cadillac Escalade Camo Game Dash Covers

dash camo

Want to spruce up the ole’ Cadillac Escalade with some camouflage on the interior? How above a camouflage dash cover as seen in the photo above. The superb camouflage-style dashboard fabric has been a hit with outdoor enthusiasts and their vehicles.

Designed for a 2015 or 2016 Cadillac Escalade with a heads up display (HUD). The edges and vents are reinforced with quality color matched trim/solution-dyed so the fabrics won’t shrink or fade.

Head over to Amazon and grab this awesome Cadillac Escalade camo dash cover for around $66.90 plus shipping and handling… Unless you have Prime then it’s free shipping if it qualifies.

Manufacturer Part Number: TCW1221-0ACG

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