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Cadillac CUE Fuse Box Location – Replacement Fuses

If you’re looking to replace the fuse for your Cadillac CUE to get the touchscreen to start working again you’re probably wrong… After going down a rabbit hole (which is probably what you’re doing now) trying to figure out why my Cadillac CUE isn’t working I too searched for the […]

Where to Buy a Replacement Cadillac CUE Touchscreen

So you’ve read some of the articles online and on here and you’ve noticed the the average replacement price of the Cadillac CUE is around $1,200 plus. We’ll since you don’t really have an extra $1,200 sitting around you’re considering replacing the Cadillac CUE yourself. Well below are a bunch […]

What are Cadillac Extended Warranty Prices?

Have you been searching for how much it is for an extended warranty on a Cadillac? Or how about Cadillac extended warranty prices? Either way you made it to the site to found out how much the extended warranties are. Well according to the Cadillac website they state “Check with […]

Cadillac CUE Cracked Screen Repair

Taking your Cadillac into the dealership to have a cracked / damaged CUE replaced can get pretty expensive. So if you are looking to save some money and install the replacement CUE yourself then you might want to check out the video above. It’s a great tutorial on how to […]

Cadillac CUE Screen Spider Webbing with Cracks

Is the CUE on your Cadillac looking like there are spider webs in the corner of the touch screen? Is the touchscreen park not working when you go to touch it? Well you’re probably facing the issue of a delaminated CUE screen. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this issue […]

Cadillac CTS Collision Avoidance and Alert Settings

The video above shows a quick tutorial on the Collision Avoidance and Alert Settings for a Cadillac CTS. It’s quick and simple and might just save you from an accident. While you’re working with your CUE Infotainment System why not pick up some touch screen anti-glare, anti-scratch screen protectors!

How to Hard Reset the Cadillac Cue System

Are you having issues with the CUE on your Cadillac? Have you tried resting it? How about hard resetting it? The video above provides a pretty good tutorial on how to perform a hard reset to get the functionality of the CUE back up and running again. On the FreshCadillac […]

Cadillac CUE Dead with a Black Screen

Is your CUE going black and is unable to work by touch, like in the video above? Have you tried this simple fix; disconnect the negative terminal from your battery, wait a minute then reconnect it and try again? Has this worked for anyone with this issue? Feel free to […]