Author: CaddyJack

Cadillac CUE Dead with a Black Screen

Is your CUE going black and is unable to work by touch, like in the video above? Have you tried this simple fix; disconnect the negative terminal from your battery, wait a minute then reconnect it and try again? Has this worked for anyone with this issue? Feel free to […]

Replacement Grille Bracket for 2008-2015 Cadillac CTS

Do you need to replace the front grille bracket on your Cadillac CTS? The Grille Bracket shown in the photo above is a high-quality replacement item for old or damaged factory unit at an affordable price. Replacement parts are the most affordable solution for your Cadillac replacement needs! This Grille […]

Cadillac CTS Replacement Smart Proximity Remote Key

Do you need an uncut emergency key for your push button start 2014, 2015, 2016 Cadillac CTS? The key shown above has been reflashed back to it’s original factory settings and is fully re-programmable for your Cadillac CTS. When ordering please be sure this is the key you need prior […]

Cadillac CT6 Failure Issue to open Vent Dampers

The video above gives a description on how there is an issue of failure to open the vent dampers for air conditioned air to enter cabin when started with RemoteLink Onstar app. The vent dampers only actuate after start button is pressed. Has anyone else had any issues with the […]

Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition – Canvas Art Print

Want to add some artwork to your garage or man cave? How about the Cadillac canvas artwork shown above! The high quality canvas art print shown is 24″x36″ in size. This picture is also available in the following sizes: 12″x16″ ($89.99), 16″x24″ ($99.99), 20″x30″ ($129.99), 32″x48″ ($199.99). Head on over […]

Cadillac Silhouette 20×8.5 Chrome Wheel / Rims

Looking to replace your Cadillac rims with some shiny chrome ones like the ones shown in the image above? These 20×8.5 chrome wheel / rims are clean and prefect for your Cadillac. Head on over to Amazon and grab a set for your Cadillac today! The rims are chrome plated, […]

How to Install and Swap the Grille on a Cadillac CTS

The video above provides a great tutorial on how to swap / replace the grille on a 2014 Cadillac CTS. If you’re looking for a replacement grille then head over to Amazon and find the perfect replacement. There is also other blog post on here about Cadillac CTS Chrome Grille […]

How to Watch Netflix on Your Cadillac Screens

The video above shows an awesome set up that allows you to watch Netflix and YouTube on the headrest screens in your Cadillac. The video description states the following: The fact that GM also offered 4G LTE and WiFi in their vehicles allows you to connect a device like a […]